23 and Me is Done Here

DNA testing with 23 and Me is Done Here!  I advised all of my listeners that DNA is a pseudo science that can be, and is, manipulated at will.  As such, results are constantly being used to discredit our hereditary claim to our American habitat and heritage.

Despite DNA shenanigans to disinherit us, I instructed my listeners to utilize the DNA results from “23 and Me” to further establish our blood heritage, because they were affordable, easy to interpret, and would give us at least a small percentage of blood tie to our habitat.  However, they have screwed up with me, because they have recently begun to give us even smaller percentages than before.

Many companies’ DNA results give us low American percentages to systematically solidify the fabrication that we are foreigners from Africa.  I ignored this strategic agenda, because we stand on the oppressors “one drop rule.”  However, “23 and Me” has recently began to send my listeners results that have removed even the less than 1%.

I advised you all that the moment I saw this type of undermining become their practice, that I would advise everyone to never give them another copper colored cent!  Well, that time has come.  Those that contain 0.00% American DNA are attempting to transfer their non-existent numbers to us.

They did it to my best friend first.  Then they did it to my most supportive listener.  Finally, they did it to one of our radio co-hosts.  It is bad enough that they attempted to diminish our presence, but we will NOT pay them to TOTALLY disconnect us from our land with pseudo genetics. They had three strikes.  So, now they are OUT!

23There is another, more honorable, company out there that does the same type of work.  Unfortunately, they are approximately $100 more in price, but for the price they give you the more accurate 10% – 50% American DNA that you actually possess.

If you want their contact information, then you will need to reach me via TELEPHONE (unless I already know you via e-mail – only then may you use e-mail for this purpose).  I cannot make them public, or blindly share them via e-mail, at this time, because if I do, then the shenanigans will begin with this company too.  If you have been victimized by “23 and Me,” then contact me and I will show you where and how they hid the truth about you.


Yaffa Bey

(213) 928-6155

(My Los Angeles, California, USA, Magic Jack Telephone Number)

Saturday, December 20, 2014


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