Autochthonous Peoples

The remnant seed of “Autochthonous Peoples of This Land” formerly known as “Turtle Island,” but today is called North America, are Australoid and/or Negroid in phenotype.  Our ancient ancestors were here from the beginning i.e., ab origine, and they too were Negroid and/or Australoid in phenotype.

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When the Pilgrims arrived from Europe (including the Vikings that many people forget about), they encountered only copper colored, chocolate brown, people that are today called Negro, Black, Colored, and African American.

There is a reason that scientists have a well documented gaping whole in DNA research for Native tribes in North America.  The vast majority of people on the Native Indian reservations today refuse to cooperate, because they are Caucasian imposters.

They realize that if they were to cooperate and provide their DNA samples, most of them would come up as European/Caucasian with 00.00% Native American, or Southeast Asian ancestral DNA (which their scholars say are the first peoples of America).

Some of us call these identity thieves and imposters GI (government issued), while others call them five dollar ($5) Indians that paid to have their names placed on the Dawes Rolls (a definite land grabbing maneuver in its own right).

As for AmEricans being called “red Indians,” according to “Ancient & Modern Briton,” by David MacRitchie, Dr. Huxley said that when they called American Indians red “they meant chocolate brown” in color.”  That is why the real Indians on the reservations and their descendants are being kicked out of the tribes and in many instances being told to go back to Africa.

The imposters are assisting in the systematic attempt to eliminate Real AmErican DNA by reclassifying it as African and replacing it with European/Caucasian.  That is also why so many people came from around the world and crossbred with our ancestors – to breed us out!

Yes, there is a deliberate scam underway in the DNA industry, because results can be (and are being) manipulated to remove us from our heritage in America and place us in Africa.  Our people have become more genetically mixed than anyone else on Earth and that is the reason why.

When the Pilgrims arrived, they asked our “Autochthonous Peoples of This Land” what they called themselves.  The Ancient Mound Builders, Xi People (aka Olmecs), Anasazi, Washoe, Lenape, and others, repeatedly told them, in their own languages, that they were “People.”

Unfortunately, that is no longer what the remnant seed is called.  We have temporarily lost the status of being people and have fallen into the realm of the unreal.  The European Pilgrims stole the identity of the remnant seed and became Native Americanized, while the real AmEricans became African-Americanized.

The process of being made African American (an unreal and non existent nation) caused the people to be classified as racial groups and non people.  The term group means “assemblage of persons, or things [but it does not mean people].  The CDC says that according to the Census Bureau we are Black and African, because we checked that on the forms we filled out [not because that is what we actually are].  Read it for yourself as a Census Bureau pdf here:

Yes, many of us have lost our copper color in desperate attempts to be lighter than a brown paper bag (and we know why).  However, it is time to catch up on the truth regarding who we really are, so that we can get clear enough to become the “exemplary people” that we are, because that is what our ancestors were.  Uncover them and reclaim your real heritage AND HABITAT!


Yaffa Bey

Saturday, November 22, 2014




  1. So right so back to American rule Thank you sister Qeen Dr

    1. You are very welcome Ameral. Just remember that real AmErican rule has always been about ruling over one’s self and one’s lower nature – not dominating, subordinating, murdering, kidnapping, and/or oppressing others. Yaffa

      1. Living in love love you

      2. Peace Honorable Dr. Queen SiStar Yaffa, I have been following you for quite some time. Today , I thought about the research you had instructed us to read the Webster’s 1828 Edition dictionary for the word AMERICAN; A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America. I just came to mind that the Europeans had been calling us COLORED all a long they just left out the COPPER when identifying us? Just food for thought and an outside the box ANALYSIS. Peace and thanks for all your work, effort and time. I appreciate you.

        1. Interesting analysis Charles, but I can definitely see where you are coming from. 🙂

  2. Islam to all yes the only reason why everyone is complaining is because they see that they are on borrowed time and that the original people of the earth are wak-ing up to themselves and the great history that was buried and they say there is nothing new under the sun and what is hidden shall be brought to the light can you imagine from the beginning of wo-man there was just us and not them paradise, Smh.

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