Yaffa Come Back

During the course of my hiatus, I have received multiple requests to do a “Yaffa Come Back” to the public venue and converse with various groups.  I repeatedly decline, because … Continue reading

Yaffa Bey Warning

This Yaffa Bey warning is being provided to notify my listeners, and everyone else, that there is a melanin rich, brown-skinned, female in Tennessee, that calls herself Zara Yaffa Bey, … Continue reading

My Point of View

Although I am currently on hiatus, I frequently receive contacts requesting my point of view on things.  Questions range from DNA companies, to legal difficulty, to Black Lives Matter disturbances, … Continue reading

Decoding the Jubile

A few days ago, I was asked to compile a document regarding Leviticus 25:8-13, to enforce the “Jubilee,” but I completed it prior to decoding the Jubile passages.  Now, that … Continue reading

3 Day Sale

I am having a 3 day sale, because I have become relatively unavailable to my listeners lately and because June is my personal Mother’s Day month; therefore, each individual item … Continue reading

Search Easier

I have made the search easier on this site by adding an alphabetized list of posts at the bottom of my home page, because some viewers had difficulty locating … Continue reading

Autochthonous Peoples

The remnant seed of “Autochthonous Peoples of This Land” formerly known as “Turtle Island,” but today is called North America, are Australoid and/or Negroid in phenotype.  Our ancient ancestors were … Continue reading

Shunned AmEricans

So-called African Americans have become “shunned Americans” on our own homeland, despite the fact that America is our habitat.  Extreme and vicious measures have been taken to eliminate us in … Continue reading

Don’t Do It! It has repeatedly come to my attention that there are groups and individuals extracting revenue from Liberty seeking people in several different ways.  Some of them even … Continue reading