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So, the word is out that Sister/Dr Yaffa Bey is out there trying to brainwash people!  Well, I must confess, and admit to you all, that the rumors are actually true!  Now, that you have heard it straight from the proverbial “horse’s mouth,” let me do what I do best and clarify my intentions.


Yes, it is absolutely, positively, true and accurate that I am brainwashing people.  To clarify what I mean by that, let’s compare the brain to a computer hard drive.  Although a brain can NEVER be filled to capacity, the way a computer can, it works the same in many ways.


For example, when one’s computer hard drive picks up a virus that causes it to malfunction (not work properly), the user’s fastest solution is to clean the hard drive and start fresh and new.  It is the same with one’s brain.


When there are a bunch of lies, crap, garbage, and misinformation, in one’s brain, it results in malfunction (such as deviant behavior, drug addictions, inferiority complexes, inability to thrive and excel, abject poverty, mental disease i.e., lack of ease, etcetera).


The user’s fastest remedy is to clean, or wash the brain, hence the term “brainwashing.”  This washing is not with water (even though the brain is surrounded by a watery fluid).  This washing means to “clear/cleanse defilement and to purify, or make pure (which means unadulterated, uncontaminated, uncorrupted, and unmixed).” 


Let’s examine the word “remedy” the way that I see it.  When I look at it, I see “re-me-d-y.”  The prefix “re” is Latin for “again, or “again and again” to indicate repetition, back, or backward motion.  We all know that the pronoun “me” is a direct, and indirect, objective case of the pronoun “I.”  Since vowels are removable and interchangeable, then let’s put the vowel “o” behind the letter “d” as in “d (o).”  The word “do” means to put, arrange, behave, accomplish, fix, or clean, anything.  The final vowel “y” is one and the same as the pronoun “I” (which means ego), because the letters “y,” “I,” “j,” and “h,” are technically the same letter (although they resonate differently).


Let’s recap.  To get one’s head together and reach an appropriate (meaning one’s own) level of sanity (which means sound healthy mind), one must use the fastest remedy.  The fastest remedy is to re-me-do-I, or “Again, me do I,” or “I do me again!”  In laymen terms, to accomplish and behave like ones pure self (the proverbial “me, or I”) one must go back again, and again, to fix, or clean everything that makes the ego sound, clear, and unadulterated. 


So, let me say in closing that the brain has become so sullied and dirty with the filthy lies, of vile erroneous images, and misinformation via the middleman’s media and public fool system, that the most appropriate remedy to remove such garbage is by way of a thorough cleaning aka brainwashing.  Anyone that wants to stay coprophilous (which means growing and thriving on dung and filth), by choosing not to be brainwashed, is dangerous to us all.  Need I say more?


Brain Washing 







Be Level and Calm,

Yaffa Bey

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  1. Greetings Dr Yaffa Bey, thank you for being you and freely sharing this content for young brothers like me to find and use as a resource to get our minds right and awaken from our slumber. The ancestors have been communicating with me for a long time but I recently(2010) started acknowledging that fact, listening, remembering, repairing and growing. I am compelled to write this comment because since I’ve been waking from my slumber I just know things now and don’t have to guess, I also have noticed that I might have a conversation with some one about something I was pondering or dreamt and soon after whether its YouTube, a movie(I no longer watch tv but I objectively watch movies and can see symbolism I never saw before I no longer watch for entertainment) or a person that knew nothing of what I said will bring up the subject in a way that I gain clarity on that subject. Near the end of your article you chose the words “to remove such garbage” and that is very significant to me because of a dream I had and as soon as I read that line I got clarity on my dream I’m going to share with you.

    In my dream I was walking and talking to my younger brother as we always do about truth and all the things I’ve been learning since I stopped sleeping, we were outside on a small path between some houses(kind of like an alley but with grass trees no cars or trash) while I was talking to him hundreds of swat team looking guys rushed us and encircled us with guns drawn, I sensed my lil brothers anxiety and told him with full confidence ” they cant hurt us unless we allow them to” and we ignored them and kept walking on the same path they moved but stayed around us in a circle, when we reached the end of the path between the houses instinctively went to the the house on the left and as we approached the door opened and it was a woman(she appeared in the image of a girl that I loved when I was in the street life 13 years ago that I never had sex with I trusted her and she never betrayed my trust or i hers and when I got badly injured and thought I looked like a monster she never looked at me different and tended to my wounds and I loved her from that point on but I lost her shortly after because I left everything and everyone behind to find myself when I came back she had a son and was pregnant and I only found her on accident I was with my uncle going to buy a car and she was with her brother going somewhere and we were in a city we never met in or lived in and we both caught each others eye in traffic on a busy street and that’s when we reconnected, however we dont talk on the regular or interact anymore) she was so joyful and happy to see us and as we walked towards the house they were still all around us, I let my brother go in ahead of me and I embraced the woman and the love energy seemed to repel the swat-ish ones surrounding us as I walked over the threshold and started to close the door one of them tried his hardest to get in and I said “what are you doing you can’t come in here” and closed the door. I immediately told the woman I have to clean myself and she led me to the bathroom sensing my brothers anxiety again I sent him to look out of the window, as he did he yelled to me saying there all gone in a confused/surprised way and I joyfully said “they can’t do anything to you unless you let them” now turning my attention to the woman she turned on the water but the tub had four GARBAGE cans(the rectangular ones with the attached lid) she removed the empty one and left me…… then I woke up.

    The meaning of this dream to me is really deep, the trash cans in the tub represents the filth in my mind, the empty trash can the woman removed represented the removal of the proverbial wool over ones eyes, the woman represented Momma, the mother letting me into the new house, the houses we walked between were cylcles/ages, the swat team was the beast trying to come into the house by force, the small path exactly that a small path and the reason she left me in there is because I have to clean myself fully and in order to do that I must remove the garbage as a remedy.

    So once again sister thank you for providing these types of brainwashing resources for our people.
    Fat Cat

    1. Wow, you are welcome Fat Cat. Thank you for sharing your personal experience with the rest of us.

  2. I’m in the middle of your how to read a dictionary lecture and you just revealed another important aspect of my dream that I didn’t fully see, in my previous comment I meant to write “I instinctively went to the house on the left without even thinking of looking right”, that explains why a woman opened the door and why the the swat team-ish ones couldn’t come into the house/age/cycle with all that masculine posturing and intimidation attempts… I love the way you give it blood raw like da13thsun(I heard him say your name and looked you up) and how you bring that ether, all of these NICE people are so NICE they can’t see/hear a message because the messenger isn’t speaking like a kindergarten teacher….

  3. I must tell you that it’s hard to find your posts in google, i found this one on 13 spot.

    1. Lol…you think posts are hard. My website couldn’t even be found in Google a week ago. Thank you for your offer, but I shall be fine.

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