Which Came First Eve, or Adam?

The question of which came first, Eve or Adam, has plagued and tormented the “Tree of Life” for longer than I wish to ponder.  It is right in line with the “Chicken or Egg,”  “Black or White” question.  So, which did come first Eve, or Adam?”  I will address this issue in an attempt to put this ridiculously stupid question to rest right here and now forever!


People in every ethnic group, despite their age, or gender should know one thing.  In the species called man, EVERY female arrives on this Earth, from her Creator, with all of her eggs already inside her body.  Therefore, it stands to reason that the proverbial chicken and egg arrived together, at the same time, in one package.


Exactly who IS her (AND his) Creator?  Her Creator is the tree from which she grew.  The same tree that breathed air into her for the 9 months she spent engulfed in water.  So, the ridiculous NONSENSE of female Eve coming from male Adam’s rib to be used (and abused) for his pleasure, because she is second to him, is a total fabrication.  If Adam existed at all, then HE was initially connected and tethered to HER.


It is SHE that is the tree, stock, root, stem, fruit, leaf, fountain, basis, source, origin, Matrix, as well as seed, while HE is within and from SHE; therefore, HE has a navel to prove his original attachment to the female tree (as do all fruit)SHE even sends him here with his spark of light called sperm.  As a result, HE is a fruit, leaf, AND seed of HERS, at best, but can NEVER, EVER, be “The Tree.”  Nor can HE EVER do all that “The Tree” does.

She the IS the Tree


There is no male that has carried a child in his womb for 9 months and spit it out of his phallus!  Such a male does NOT exist, because it simply hasn’t happened!  Until that occurs, there can be no intelligent debate about who came first, because it is biologically evident.  Any male that argues otherwise is either ignorantly uninformed, or needs to raise his shirt to prove that he has no navel on his abdomen.


I wrote this article, because of the pervasive male chauvinism, misogyny, and hatred of females, that has been launched by practically every major religion on Earth.  This ridiculous need to compete with her has led him to murder, rape, beat, torture, torment, sell, and humiliate countless females in every age and ethnic group around the globe.  This horrendous behavior has even led many males to perpetuate this hostile form of male domination against their own blood kin.


Unfortunately, seeing herself through his hostile and envious eyes has caused countless females to hate themselves as well.  What’s worse is the fact that she is even actively participating in the demise of her own children (including her males).  Female hatred originates from Satan i.e., the enemy and adversary of Creator and Creation.  Notice how Matriarchal systems thrive with calm, safe, secure, creative, and joyful children while Patriarchal systems devolve with suppressed, warring, raped, robbed, pillaged, plundered, murdered little sociopaths.


Satan, the deceiving enemy, stands in Creator’s place as Creator exactly the way that male driven Patriarchy stands in Momma’s place as the Matriarch.  Patriarchy is not the Matriarchal womb.  It is a destructive substitute.  From this position HE (and his legion of minutemen) can steal the minds, bodies, spirit, as well as virginity of the first fruits out of the Matrix and destroy them.  No Matriarch evolving with sanity thinks the rape and murder of her fruit/children is normal, or acceptable.


This is not to say that HE is insignificant.  It is to say that SHE created HE to be HER aid and partner – not the other way around.  Too many males have become predatory destroyers of trees (females), because they fail to realize that the more trees and females (which are not yet recognized as trees) they destroy, the more they eliminate all life on this Earth.  One cannot breathe, or live without trees (and females), because the breath of life comes from the trees that produce life through their fruit.  Only a foolish idiot that lacks sanity and clarity believes that trees (and females) are insignificant.


Since people seem to think that SHE came from Adam’s rib, then I shall clarify how “Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance” defines the biblical term(s) “rib” and “ribs.”  According to the Concordance, both words are the Hebrew term “6763.”  Term “6763” is the Hebrew word “Tsela aka Tselah” and means curved (literally of the body). or figuratively (of a door i.e., leaf) hence “a side” (literally of a person).  By “side” they also mean chamber.


So, in closing, SHE is the one that is bodily curved and has a door for her fruit to come through – after 9 months of being housed in her chamber.  As the tree, SHE also is the leaf (and ALL other components of the tree that comprises HER).  SHE has six physical sides.  Her top, bottom, left, right, rear, and front (where one finds the abdomen in which SHE carried HE for 9 months).  Yes. HE contributes a spark of light through the sperm HE acquired from SHEHE contributes physical appearance features too.  HE should also contribute secure and safe support that guides the fruit, but HE is NOT the ‘Tree of Life.”  Therefore, SHE could never come from the rib of HE.  Someone lied!  In biology, as well as, English, “HE” is inside “SHE,” “MALE is inside FEMALE,” and “HE is inside “HER.”  Need I say more?


Be Level and Calm,

Yaffa Bey

April 2014



  1. An eye awakening experience of truth. Blessed by receiving this added understanding. Meditating upon it.

    1. Hope this eye opener uplifted you while meditating on it Johnny. 🙂

  2. Wholeness and Clarity. Thank You for clarity!

    1. Emile, it is good to hear that it provided clarity for you.

  3. “Eve” translates to before. And “Adam” translates to after.. Problem solved :). Great article by the way. But insulting those who are ill informed is not the best idea “Only a foolish idiot that lacks sanity and clarity believes that trees (and females) are insignificant.” .. That’s how fights start. 🙂 I understand the point though.

    1. Thank you for this response Carlos. I have never seen anything state that Eve means “before” and Adam means “after.” As for the article, it was not to insult the ill informed. It was written to stop all of the ongoing fights against females from males that buy into the male supremacy fraud, because Adam/male was supposed to be first and Eve/female came from him. This article is to stop the long knock down drag out fight that has been underway for years. So, it cannot start a battle that already wages on. Got your point though.

  4. this was a great article i kinda knew that eve or woman came before man but i didnt think of they way you said they came together well put.

    Im only 19 years old but im reaching for knowledge .. trying to find my truth

    peace, light, and blessings

    1. Hey, that is great Imani, because even at 19, you aren’t too young to find your personal truth. Glad the article/blog could help.

  5. Thank you Dr. Yaffa for bringing up such important topics and helping us all get a clear understanding.

    1. No problem Monica. Providing clarity is what I do. Glad it helped.

  6. Very enjoyable read. I was especially touched by the black and red highlight of SHE, although many will miss the meaning of it.

    I am Womb-man; I am S-he. Thanks Dr. Yaffa!

    1. At least you caught it, SeaStar. Thank you and you are welcome.

  7. She is the tree of life the giver of life that keeps giving. They scream when they are cut.

  8. Ohm you article too long please post again.thanks
    I am pig.

    1. Hey pig, thank you for your comment, but I am not going to re-write, or repost.

  9. It’s really a terrific as well as helpful part of information and facts. Now i am pleased for you to discussed this helpful info with us. Make sure you stay us all educated like this. Thanks for giving.

    1. It is good to know that someone found it useful. You are welcome.

  10. Thanks for sharing this post.So useful!

  11. I located your lectures months ago on YouTube and found them very interesting. However, just listening to your segment on electrical energy and the unconscious mind truly led me to know that when that Divine source in us wants us to develop wisdom it will bring the right words to our ears. I had a spiritual experience and your lecture clarified it for me, thank you!

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