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I thought the term “All American” meant white – preferably blonde haired, not brown copper-colored skin?

According to the 1828, 1849, 1854, and 1859, editions of Noah WEBSTER’S dictionary, the term American “ORIGINALLY applied to the aboriginals, or COPPER-COLORED races found here by the Europeans.” Today, the term is “now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America.” All words in quotes are copied verbatim – except I added the CAPITALIZATION. Think about it. The ONLY people in America that are the same color as copper (which is the color of the U.S. Indian Head penny coin) are now called African American, Negro, Black, colored, or Native American. Most modern day Native Americans are either mixed, or completely European. Copper is a brown with a red tinge, so, the term “All American” can’t possibly be pale skinned blonde, if it REALLY means COPPER-COLORED RACES OF PEOPLE. Today, it may address the European invaders/settlers, because they are currently trading identity places with the real AmErican people they subjugated by fraudulently calling themselves the National Name of the aboriginals they conquered/subdued. I submit to you my contention that, if the term American “ORIGINALLY” applied to the copper-colored races Europeans found here in America, then it “STILL” applies to the copper-colored races the Europeans found here in America.

How did you determine that Black people are not Black?

I didn’t determine that Black people are not Black. I located that fact in the 1828, 1849, 1854, and 1859, editions of the Noah WEBSTER’S dictionary. Their definition of “Black” clearly spells it out in no uncertain terms! Following is their quote on “Black”: “It is REMARKABLE that black, bleak, and bleach, are ALL radically ONE WORD. The primary sense seems to be PALE, wan, or sallow, from which has proceeded the present variety of significations.” End of the quote! The all capitalization was added by me, not by WEBSTER’S. By present significations, they mean things like dark, the color of night, etcetera. Since the original meaning of the word “Black” means bleached up and pale in color, then it can NOT possibly apply to the dark skinned people that are currently called black today – unless they just happen to be bleached up and pale complexioned. I do realize that when the word is used, it is referencing my people. Yet, by definition, a term that means “PALE SKINNED COMPLEXION” CANNOT possibly describe a “DARK SKINNED COMPLEXION” with any form of accuracy. That is why I use the phrase “so-called Black,” because that is what we are called, but not what we are.

Islam, I was looking at your dvd on youtube about Blacks law dictionary..and it was very profound. I domicile in Toronto Territory Canaanland Republic, and i know that Canada is under british rule? Are there any treaties between Morocco and great Britain, or would i use the Treaty of Peace And Friendship as an Al Moroccan, AmErican Muur to preserve my rights under Canadas defacto gov’t?

Islam, My maternal great great grandfather S. Hamilton was from what is now called Canada. First, most Europeans are basically one in the same – Austria’s Germans. The French, Spanish, and English (now called British) have intermarried, inbred, and infought for centuries. Napolean put his brother on the Spanish throne in the 1800’s. Europeans split the American Continent into 3 separate parts. Initially, it was one entity that included her surrounding islands. Europeans kept finding copper, or American penny, colored people everywhere they landed on the Americas. When Britain secured Canada from the French, many of Canada’s aboriginal copper colored Americans refused to pledge allegiance to the King of England and were driven out of Canada. Great Britain claimed sovereignty over the entire United States in 1783’s Treaty of Paris. So, I would imagine that both the Treaty of the Barbery and the Treaty of Morocco apply under British Rule as well. I don’t know of any treaties specific to European Alliance that is now called Great Britain. The best way to secure your Liberties is to become clear on who you are, who is oppressing your Liberties, and how they are doing it. Paperwork is good, but CLARITY is better, and SPIRITUAL POWER (not religion) is best! If you need more than I can list in this FAQ section, then I will wait for you in my live chat room this Saturday night June 14, 2008, at 8:00 pm PST, unless sometime today June 10th is better. Currently it is 8:53 am in California.

What are the first steps one should do to reclaim their nationality/birthright if they reside outside the US? For instance I live in Canada.

Hmm. I guess I didn’t answer this well enough the last time someone asked it. So, I’ll try again. First, realize that you need not RECLAIM it. Comprehend that you arrived on Earth with your blood nationality from your Ancestor’s based on blood type and your people’s copper-color. Canada is on the shores of America. Americans are the copper-colored, or penny colored races of People that the Europeans found on America’s shores. Second, determine which corporation is passing itself off as the de facto government that is subjecting the de jure government’s people to a foreign jurisdiction’s authority. Third, acquire a piece of land, put it back under the authority of your de jure government’s laws and then PROCLAIM, not reclaim, your blood nationality to both the de facto and the de jure entities in written lawful affidavit form. AmErica is 3 continental landmasses (including the islands), and a race, and a nationality of Peoples. Re-read the Articles my Autochthonous AmErican inquirer. Europeans, including the British, are from overseas. The United States, which pass themselves off as America, is the result of the Europeans, including the British, that came from overseas. They are not copper-colored, not “O” type blood, nor are they from here. British Canada and the United States are foreign de facto European military occupations on AmErica. I hope that helps.

Where do “Native Americans” come from? I mean that have what appears to be a spiritual connection to this land. I work with a person of “Native American” blood and we talk about there myths and culture daily. I have a hard time believing they came from Europeans they have strong spirits.

I’m unclear on the phrase “Where do they come from,” because origin stories run deeper than I will try to answer. I’m also unclear what YOU mean by “Native American,” because it is a grammatically loaded term. If you mean the Ancient Ones, or Autochthons of America (erroneously called African Americans), then those are the people that predate everyone else here, but have been supplanted and usurped by pale skinned, foreign invaders. If you mean slaves of America, (“Native” is synonymous with “Nativus” – which means slave/servant) then that would encompass a whole array of folks that include the Autochthonous Americans, the Chinese, some Africans, and many so-called Whites, as well as any combination of mixed breed, cross-bred, half-breed, hybrid, metis, mestizos, and/or Shemnites. If you are referring to those on the Reservations today, then those would be a predominantly Indo-European (which means Indo-Germanic) people intermingled with mixed breed peoples that are part African, part Autochthonous American, part Asian (primarily Chinese), and/or part European (primarily Germanic and Italian). However, the vast majority of people on most reservations today are highly mixed with European, or are plain European. Most of them ran amongst the Autochthons to escape their own oppression, mistreatment, and persecution. Some were agents/infiltrators for the crown heads of Europe and the Church. You may find some rare Autochthons amongst them. Your co-worker may be part Asian, part African, part Autochthonous American (erroneously called African American), and part European. That is what is left on the Vatican Agencies, now called Indian Reservations – mixed breeds and Europeans. When referring to these concentration camps that the Autochtons (no longer there) were forcibly contained on, the term Agency has been replaced by the term Reservation. Any Americans that still live there, probably think they’re African.

Who Is What (4)

Does the word Autochthon only apply to the aboriginals here in America?

When you are on America referring to aboriginals from America, then the answer is yes. People are Autochthons only when they are on their own original country homeland. For example, when Europeans are in Europe, then they are Autochthons only while over there on their own original homeland. When they emigrated (left) from Europe and migrated (moved) over to our American shores, then they became heterochthons (pilgrims/foreigners) on America, because they originated from their Autochthonous (home) land and arrived on heterochthonous (foreign) land. In the case of America, Europeans are no longer Autochthons, because they are on other people’s lands. On North, Central, and South America, the copper-colored races are Autochthons. Europeans are Heterochthons (foreigners) as long as they remain on any of the continental shores, or Islands of America. The copper brown (so-called Black) people on ANY part of America, are the Autochthons (aboriginal indigenous) on America’s shores. Asians, Europeans and Africans are heterochthons (foreigners) on America. Unfortunately, most people that erroneously call themselves African-American are actually Autochthonous-Americans that have been subjugated by invading heterochthons. Although they are blood kin to Asians, Europeans, and Africans, they are not Africans in America at all. In other words, they are really AmErican-Americans, not African-Americans. Let me put it this way, Asia for Asians, Europe for Europeans, Africa for Africans, and America for Americans. Governmental forms call America’s aboriginals either Native American, American Indian, Mexican American, Black American, or African American. No other people have the term American included in the phraseology that describes race in the classification boxes. However, by definition, the only people that can claim the name AmErican-Americans have been told that they are African-Americans.

If I understand you correctly we are from here this country first, so how do the Afrikan slaves from Kemet play into our history as being our true roots?

I hope that I never committed myself to erroneously say that we are from this country FIRST, because we are from the Cosmos and Creation first. You may not have understood me correctly. What I actually said/say is that the vast majority of us were NEVER brought here as slaves, from the continent currently called Africa, by Europeans (so-called White people) on ships. We have been on the CONTINENTAL shores called America for thousands of years (some say millions). Europeans arrived on these shores and found our people already here (and everywhere else on Earth, including Khemet). Although many of us suffered the crime of involuntary servitude, it was not the result of anyone importing us from anywhere overseas. Melanin rich people (so-called Black) are (or were) GLOBAL! We have always been unified with Nature, because we are (or were) the Stewards (guardian keepers) of the planet. Inbred people, that have become pale enough to pass themselves off as Europeans, are the Destroyers of the planet. Unfortunately, Europeans have joined them, because of skin color games.

I believe everything u say, I have been word conscious and have been accused in many relationships as playing with words but never have I touched on the level so deep. Wow. Q:i believe there are power in words, am i right? In the bible, when Moses talked to the Lord who replied, I AM THAT I AM- does that apply to us non-blacks? and does each word means accordingly: I=Power, Am=infinite/definite, That=Before Now? I came up with these definitions on my own cause the dictionary was full of it…

Though you shouldn’t “believe” everything I say, there most certainly is power in words – as well as in thought and speech. I’m not sure what “YOU” mean by “non-blacks,” but it is my position that the phrase “I Am That I Am,” probably does apply to every living soul. I do like the definitions that you came up with on your own though, because you are accurate. Most dictionaries are misleading. Remember, that vowels are removable and interchangeable. Also, know that “I,” “H,” “J,” and “Y” are technically the same letter – just as “L” and “R” are technically the same. I’m not sure what your ethnic background, or geographical location is, but check out this one. I=Indigenous, A=Autochthonous, A=AmErican (ethnicity based on being copper colored AND attached to the lands called The Americas), A=American (Nationality), M=Maure (i.e., Melanin Rich and/or dark complexioned). In other words, IAAAM = Indigenous, Autochthonous, AmErican American, Maure (some prefer Moor, Mauros, Moreno, etc., all of which mean dark complexioned). On a totally different note, to say that one is Moorish American, is to say that one is the proper noun, “American,” with the adjective, “Moorish,” describing what phenotype of American one is.

Are we, the copper color people, the creators who have forgotten their identity? i read that we are the creators kneeling down to the creation. Then, i read you saying that we went to sleep and they betrayed and rejected us. Please give me an OUR story regarding the beginning.

I personally do not perceive that we are The Creators of “All” that is. Our story is too long to recant here, but it is my perception that we are the closest Creation remaining on this Earth to The Creators of All that is. One must recall that the “Marvelous ones of Old” were Melanin Rich giants. We, the Copper Colored and Melanin Rich people of the Americas (and possibly the whole Earth), are the remnant seed and last bastion of the Ancient Creators of All and Allah (A=arm, L=leg, L=leg, A=arm, H=head). In other words, we are the progeny and last bastion of what is left of those scientifically advanced “Stellar Giant Beings” of the past. That is why uncouth “Johnny come later” entities, that are Jealous, and Zealous, work so hard to bring about our demise and destruction. They are angry, with us, and with Creator, because the mixing batter didn’t bake right enough for them to be made as well as we were. A visual example of the aforementioned concept can be viewed in the Dean Koontz movie “Watchers II,” with Marc Singer. View the golden retriever as us and the reptilian as them. We didn’t kneel to creation. We went to sleep so the new kids on the block could evolve. That was, apparently, a big mistake, because they have proven themselves to be unworthy of the gesture.

General (9)

If we are but pure energy in the cosmos, why is their so much emphasis on identity within a race/ethnicity/nationality? I under/over stand that the educational system and society has programmed us to believe we are something else in order to control, but when do we start seeing ourselves for what we truly are?

Your observation is accurate with regard to people that have evolved to that level of comprehension. Unfortunately, we must interact with people where we find them. Many people can’t possibly comprehend the energy-frequency concept until you get them clear on physical society’s misinformation. For lack of a better example, it is akin to reading levels in school. You usually have to show people letters, before they can read a sentence, and they must grasp formulated sentences, before they can read paragraphs, and they have to comprehend paragraphs, before they can absorb a chapter. As a collective, my people have been misguided into believing they are inferior to the pale skinned people that subjugated them and forced them into Christianity against their will. Once they get beyond being stuck in their oppressor’s belief systems, then they will be more openly receptive to accepting and processing superior concepts and thought.

The word “church” originates from “cerces”, the Greek Goddess who lured men into her home, turned them into beasts and feed off them. Therefore, I am under the impression that churches are meant to lure you in, turn you into something other than what you are and then feed off of you. Is that accurate?

Wow! I have NEVER heard that before; therefore, I can neither confirm, nor deny the accuracy of it. Yet, based on what I DO know about the church, that sounds immensely accurate to me. I will check into the term “cerces”.

I thought the bible spoke against magic and astrology. Where do you get your info on these things?

It should be painfully evident that I use various dictionaries as the primary sources for my information. If one believes that the Holy Bible is the ONLY reliable source for information, then this website is probably NOT for such a person. As far as magic and astrology, there is too much data on this site for me to know exactly which “info,” or Article, you are referring to. I can assure you that my info RARELY comes from any type of Bible – look into the Council of Nicea. No disrespect, but this is a website for “SEEKERS OF CLARITY.” If one chooses not to KNOW, because they prefer to adhere to a particular BELIEF, then I suggest a more theology, or religion, based website. Besides, I NEVER argue, nor debate with Christians, or any other religious types, because someone’s beliefs CANNOT EVER be overcome by logic.

Astronomy , Astrology; What are your views on these? How does one tap into the knowledge and aid in the stars and the energies available to us in the elements???

My views on these would require the writing and uploading of an article, because they are too lengthy to put in FAQ. However, Astronomy is the study of the planets and stars. Astrology is the study of the influential connection the energies of planets and stars have on each individual, and/or the collective, and how that influence effects one’s characteristics and journey through life based on when and where you arrived (were born) on Earth in this incarnation. Astrology is an immensely accurate and helpful tool IF you KNOW how to use it, or if you have access to a MASTER astrologer! I recommend the following books and board for beginners. “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need” by Joanna Martine Woolfolk and “The New Way to Learn Astrology” by Basil Fearrington. A MASTER ASTROLOGER invented a FABULOUS board that you can use to practice with and predict your present and future life. You DO need the above mentioned books to understand it, but the board can be bought at the following site: http://www.planetaryvisions.net


Religion became embedded in our people, because the Christian missionaries came pretending peace, befriended our people, observed our ways, determined who had wealth/power, then brought in bloodthirsty mercenaries. These Pilgrims (foreigners) used feigned honor to make false promises/agreements, then played both ends of war and peace against the middle. They killed off, or shipped off, most of our parents, as well as our warriors. Once they reduced the adult population (mainly through disease, war, poison, abuse, trickery, exploitation, exportation, and starvation), then they separated the children from the remaining adults and sent them to Christian schools for indoctrination against their will. These would be schools were headed by criminal pedophile psychopaths, that used torture, rape, sodomy, bestiality, and physical disfigurement to traumatize the little ones and force them into new names, language, diet, bizarre sexual practices, and strange religious belief systems. Unfortunately, the few adults that were left alive, were too sick and weak to keep up the fight. Worse than that, they did not even recognize these children when they were returned (if they were returned – many children were murdered). The adults could not even communicate with these children in their own language anymore, because the children’s language was practically beaten out of them. In other words, these foreigners used fear and intimidation to raise (oops, I mean lower) the children to an injured mental place that they could not evolve from. Many of these strange beliefs and unnatural practices have been passed from generation to generation and continue to this day. This is primarily true, because the invaders still control the dissemination of practically ALL educational, religious, and historical information. Most of the information they release about us is LIES! The people can’t hold on to who they truly were, because they do not know, or remember the truth.

What dictionary do you recommend?

I recommend the oldest dictionary that you can find that has brackets in it, but avoid Webster’s unless it is from the 1800’s. If Webster’s is the ONLY dictionary you can find, then it is better than NO dictionary at all, but it would be my last choice. The 1933 Oxford’s Dictionary is excellent, but hard to find at a reasonable price. Oxford is probably the best, but they are expensive and the volume sets, generally, don’t come with brackets the way the 1933 edition does. Brackets are sort of like parentheses, but square. They look like this [ ] and can be found immediately after the word in some dictionaries, or at the very end of all definitions in others. I would avoid any of the newer dictionaries altogether. The Random House College is excellent, easy to find, and affordable. However, make sure the edition is from 1976 through 1983, but DO NOT GET IT if it is Random House WEBSTER’S.

Are any Yaffa Bey lectures available for purchase? Thank you.

I have not compiled a list of my work, but if one knows what lectures, or what “type” of lectures, one wants to acquire, then, yes. Most are $30, but some are $15. I ship everything Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation and Insurance. At this time, Jan 10, 2011, that totals $7.95. I always toss in a couple of free discs to accompany the subject matter that is purchased. To contact me, one can call (213) 928-6155. This is a Los Angeles, California, USA, telephone number.

If black means pale, etc. then what color would u say my hair is? I thought it was the black as I’ve known it, also, what color is charcoal, carbon, melanin, and night skies? just confused a bit.

I have never seen your hair. So, I couldn’t honestly tell you what color it is. However, since I don’t know the “actual” ancient word for the color that is erroneously called black (beyond the European transliterations), then I would probably say “erroneously called black,” or “so-called black.” Until I find the true term for said color, the terms “very dark, noir, jet, ebony, mauros, kuroi, indigo, charcoal, coffee, etc.,” would work well. As for the other colors you listed. I’d say that the colors are as follows: 1) Charcoal is charcoal, 2) Carbon depends on it’s state, 3) Melanin depends on how much is present, and 4) The non starry night skies are Indigo (which is a very deep, rich, dark blue that looks remarkably close to what people erroneously call black). In my humble opinion, Indigo is NOT that purple “lie” that they use to identify the 1st/3rd eye chakra’s color. I personally perceive that it is purple and that the crown chakra is actually genuine Indigo, like the night sky that it connects to. It is not that lighter hued violet “lie” that they use to label it, because the next chakra up should be darker, but I digress.

I signed your Guestbook and asked you to contact me. I also submitted a “friend” request on Facebook. Why have you not answered me back?

Absolve me for not responding, but I am not ignoring you. Unfortunately, several people have posted requests on my Guestbook, without leaving contact information. I probably have no contact data for you. In the Guestbook, I only see what the general public sees. There is no hidden back door info that is for my eyes only (if there is, then I don’t see it, because I don’t pay extra for it). If you look back at your post again, then whatever you see, is all that I see. As for Facebook, one cannot follow me on Facebook. Contrary to the lie they tell, by claiming that one can follow Yaffa Bey on Facebook, I am NOT a member of the Facebook community and have no desire to become one. As one can clearly see, the organization lies about who belongs to their community. Just so you know for the record. I do not Twitter, Tweet, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Boxbe, Aim, Chat, Yahoo Group, or partake in any other social network. I can only watch YouTube (and that doesn’t always work). If you see me out there, then other people put me there. I cannot comment, vote, reply, nor upload, to any network, because I am not, and have never been, a member of those communities. I sincerely hope that clarifies any confusion regarding my failure to respond. I do not respond, because I cannot. I’m simply not out there like that. If you would like to contact me, then feel free to call (213)928-6155. That is a Los Angeles, California, USA, number.