Are we, the copper color people, the creators who have forgotten their identity? i read that we are the creators kneeling down to the creation. Then, i read you saying that we went to sleep and they betrayed and rejected us. Please give me an OUR story regarding the beginning.

I personally do not perceive that we are The Creators of “All” that is. Our story is too long to recant here, but it is my perception that we are the closest Creation remaining on this Earth to The Creators of All that is. One must recall that the “Marvelous ones of Old” were Melanin Rich giants. We, the Copper Colored and Melanin Rich people of the Americas (and possibly the whole Earth), are the remnant seed and last bastion of the Ancient Creators of All and Allah (A=arm, L=leg, L=leg, A=arm, H=head). In other words, we are the progeny and last bastion of what is left of those scientifically advanced “Stellar Giant Beings” of the past. That is why uncouth “Johnny come later” entities, that are Jealous, and Zealous, work so hard to bring about our demise and destruction. They are angry, with us, and with Creator, because the mixing batter didn’t bake right enough for them to be made as well as we were. A visual example of the aforementioned concept can be viewed in the Dean Koontz movie “Watchers II,” with Marc Singer. View the golden retriever as us and the reptilian as them. We didn’t kneel to creation. We went to sleep so the new kids on the block could evolve. That was, apparently, a big mistake, because they have proven themselves to be unworthy of the gesture.

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