Astronomy , Astrology; What are your views on these? How does one tap into the knowledge and aid in the stars and the energies available to us in the elements???

My views on these would require the writing and uploading of an article, because they are too lengthy to put in FAQ. However, Astronomy is the study of the planets and stars. Astrology is the study of the influential connection the energies of planets and stars have on each individual, and/or the collective, and how that influence effects one’s characteristics and journey through life based on when and where you arrived (were born) on Earth in this incarnation. Astrology is an immensely accurate and helpful tool IF you KNOW how to use it, or if you have access to a MASTER astrologer! I recommend the following books and board for beginners. “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need” by Joanna Martine Woolfolk and “The New Way to Learn Astrology” by Basil Fearrington. A MASTER ASTROLOGER invented a FABULOUS board that you can use to practice with and predict your present and future life. You DO need the above mentioned books to understand it, but the board can be bought at the following site:

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