Does the word Autochthon only apply to the aboriginals here in America?

When you are on America referring to aboriginals from America, then the answer is yes. People are Autochthons only when they are on their own original country homeland. For example, when Europeans are in Europe, then they are Autochthons only while over there on their own original homeland. When they emigrated (left) from Europe and migrated (moved) over to our American shores, then they became heterochthons (pilgrims/foreigners) on America, because they originated from their Autochthonous (home) land and arrived on heterochthonous (foreign) land. In the case of America, Europeans are no longer Autochthons, because they are on other people’s lands. On North, Central, and South America, the copper-colored races are Autochthons. Europeans are Heterochthons (foreigners) as long as they remain on any of the continental shores, or Islands of America. The copper brown (so-called Black) people on ANY part of America, are the Autochthons (aboriginal indigenous) on America’s shores. Asians, Europeans and Africans are heterochthons (foreigners) on America. Unfortunately, most people that erroneously call themselves African-American are actually Autochthonous-Americans that have been subjugated by invading heterochthons. Although they are blood kin to Asians, Europeans, and Africans, they are not Africans in America at all. In other words, they are really AmErican-Americans, not African-Americans. Let me put it this way, Asia for Asians, Europe for Europeans, Africa for Africans, and America for Americans. Governmental forms call America’s aboriginals either Native American, American Indian, Mexican American, Black American, or African American. No other people have the term American included in the phraseology that describes race in the classification boxes. However, by definition, the only people that can claim the name AmErican-Americans have been told that they are African-Americans.

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