I signed your Guestbook and asked you to contact me. I also submitted a “friend” request on Facebook. Why have you not answered me back?

Absolve me for not responding, but I am not ignoring you. Unfortunately, several people have posted requests on my Guestbook, without leaving contact information. I probably have no contact data for you. In the Guestbook, I only see what the general public sees. There is no hidden back door info that is for my eyes only (if there is, then I don’t see it, because I don’t pay extra for it). If you look back at your post again, then whatever you see, is all that I see. As for Facebook, one cannot follow me on Facebook. Contrary to the lie they tell, by claiming that one can follow Yaffa Bey on Facebook, I am NOT a member of the Facebook community and have no desire to become one. As one can clearly see, the organization lies about who belongs to their community. Just so you know for the record. I do not Twitter, Tweet, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Boxbe, Aim, Chat, Yahoo Group, or partake in any other social network. I can only watch YouTube (and that doesn’t always work). If you see me out there, then other people put me there. I cannot comment, vote, reply, nor upload, to any network, because I am not, and have never been, a member of those communities. I sincerely hope that clarifies any confusion regarding my failure to respond. I do not respond, because I cannot. I’m simply not out there like that. If you would like to contact me, then feel free to call (213)928-6155. That is a Los Angeles, California, USA, number.

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