I thought the bible spoke against magic and astrology. Where do you get your info on these things?

It should be painfully evident that I use various dictionaries as the primary sources for my information. If one believes that the Holy Bible is the ONLY reliable source for information, then this website is probably NOT for such a person. As far as magic and astrology, there is too much data on this site for me to know exactly which “info,” or Article, you are referring to. I can assure you that my info RARELY comes from any type of Bible – look into the Council of Nicea. No disrespect, but this is a website for “SEEKERS OF CLARITY.” If one chooses not to KNOW, because they prefer to adhere to a particular BELIEF, then I suggest a more theology, or religion, based website. Besides, I NEVER argue, nor debate with Christians, or any other religious types, because someone’s beliefs CANNOT EVER be overcome by logic.

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