I thought the term “All American” meant white – preferably blonde haired, not brown copper-colored skin?

According to the 1828, 1849, 1854, and 1859, editions of Noah WEBSTER’S dictionary, the term American “ORIGINALLY applied to the aboriginals, or COPPER-COLORED races found here by the Europeans.” Today, the term is “now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America.” All words in quotes are copied verbatim – except I added the CAPITALIZATION. Think about it. The ONLY people in America that are the same color as copper (which is the color of the U.S. Indian Head penny coin) are now called African American, Negro, Black, colored, or Native American. Most modern day Native Americans are either mixed, or completely European. Copper is a brown with a red tinge, so, the term “All American” can’t possibly be pale skinned blonde, if it REALLY means COPPER-COLORED RACES OF PEOPLE. Today, it may address the European invaders/settlers, because they are currently trading identity places with the real AmErican people they subjugated by fraudulently calling themselves the National Name of the aboriginals they conquered/subdued. I submit to you my contention that, if the term American “ORIGINALLY” applied to the copper-colored races Europeans found here in America, then it “STILL” applies to the copper-colored races the Europeans found here in America.

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