If black means pale, etc. then what color would u say my hair is? I thought it was the black as I’ve known it, also, what color is charcoal, carbon, melanin, and night skies? just confused a bit.

I have never seen your hair. So, I couldn’t honestly tell you what color it is. However, since I don’t know the “actual” ancient word for the color that is erroneously called black (beyond the European transliterations), then I would probably say “erroneously called black,” or “so-called black.” Until I find the true term for said color, the terms “very dark, noir, jet, ebony, mauros, kuroi, indigo, charcoal, coffee, etc.,” would work well. As for the other colors you listed. I’d say that the colors are as follows: 1) Charcoal is charcoal, 2) Carbon depends on it’s state, 3) Melanin depends on how much is present, and 4) The non starry night skies are Indigo (which is a very deep, rich, dark blue that looks remarkably close to what people erroneously call black). In my humble opinion, Indigo is NOT that purple “lie” that they use to identify the 1st/3rd eye chakra’s color. I personally perceive that it is purple and that the crown chakra is actually genuine Indigo, like the night sky that it connects to. It is not that lighter hued violet “lie” that they use to label it, because the next chakra up should be darker, but I digress.

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