If I understand you correctly we are from here this country first, so how do the Afrikan slaves from Kemet play into our history as being our true roots?

I hope that I never committed myself to erroneously say that we are from this country FIRST, because we are from the Cosmos and Creation first. You may not have understood me correctly. What I actually said/say is that the vast majority of us were NEVER brought here as slaves, from the continent currently called Africa, by Europeans (so-called White people) on ships. We have been on the CONTINENTAL shores called America for thousands of years (some say millions). Europeans arrived on these shores and found our people already here (and everywhere else on Earth, including Khemet). Although many of us suffered the crime of involuntary servitude, it was not the result of anyone importing us from anywhere overseas. Melanin rich people (so-called Black) are (or were) GLOBAL! We have always been unified with Nature, because we are (or were) the Stewards (guardian keepers) of the planet. Inbred people, that have become pale enough to pass themselves off as Europeans, are the Destroyers of the planet. Unfortunately, Europeans have joined them, because of skin color games.

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