If we are but pure energy in the cosmos, why is their so much emphasis on identity within a race/ethnicity/nationality? I under/over stand that the educational system and society has programmed us to believe we are something else in order to control, but when do we start seeing ourselves for what we truly are?

Your observation is accurate with regard to people that have evolved to that level of comprehension. Unfortunately, we must interact with people where we find them. Many people can’t possibly comprehend the energy-frequency concept until you get them clear on physical society’s misinformation. For lack of a better example, it is akin to reading levels in school. You usually have to show people letters, before they can read a sentence, and they must grasp formulated sentences, before they can read paragraphs, and they have to comprehend paragraphs, before they can absorb a chapter. As a collective, my people have been misguided into believing they are inferior to the pale skinned people that subjugated them and forced them into Christianity against their will. Once they get beyond being stuck in their oppressor’s belief systems, then they will be more openly receptive to accepting and processing superior concepts and thought.

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