Islam, I was looking at your dvd on youtube about Blacks law dictionary..and it was very profound. I domicile in Toronto Territory Canaanland Republic, and i know that Canada is under british rule? Are there any treaties between Morocco and great Britain, or would i use the Treaty of Peace And Friendship as an Al Moroccan, AmErican Muur to preserve my rights under Canadas defacto gov’t?

Islam, My maternal great great grandfather S. Hamilton was from what is now called Canada. First, most Europeans are basically one in the same – Austria’s Germans. The French, Spanish, and English (now called British) have intermarried, inbred, and infought for centuries. Napolean put his brother on the Spanish throne in the 1800’s. Europeans split the American Continent into 3 separate parts. Initially, it was one entity that included her surrounding islands. Europeans kept finding copper, or American penny, colored people everywhere they landed on the Americas. When Britain secured Canada from the French, many of Canada’s aboriginal copper colored Americans refused to pledge allegiance to the King of England and were driven out of Canada. Great Britain claimed sovereignty over the entire United States in 1783’s Treaty of Paris. So, I would imagine that both the Treaty of the Barbery and the Treaty of Morocco apply under British Rule as well. I don’t know of any treaties specific to European Alliance that is now called Great Britain. The best way to secure your Liberties is to become clear on who you are, who is oppressing your Liberties, and how they are doing it. Paperwork is good, but CLARITY is better, and SPIRITUAL POWER (not religion) is best! If you need more than I can list in this FAQ section, then I will wait for you in my live chat room this Saturday night June 14, 2008, at 8:00 pm PST, unless sometime today June 10th is better. Currently it is 8:53 am in California.

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