What are the first steps one should do to reclaim their nationality/birthright if they reside outside the US? For instance I live in Canada.

Hmm. I guess I didn’t answer this well enough the last time someone asked it. So, I’ll try again. First, realize that you need not RECLAIM it. Comprehend that you arrived on Earth with your blood nationality from your Ancestor’s based on blood type and your people’s copper-color. Canada is on the shores of America. Americans are the copper-colored, or penny colored races of People that the Europeans found on America’s shores. Second, determine which corporation is passing itself off as the de facto government that is subjecting the de jure government’s people to a foreign jurisdiction’s authority. Third, acquire a piece of land, put it back under the authority of your de jure government’s laws and then PROCLAIM, not reclaim, your blood nationality to both the de facto and the de jure entities in written lawful affidavit form. AmErica is 3 continental landmasses (including the islands), and a race, and a nationality of Peoples. Re-read the Articles my Autochthonous AmErican inquirer. Europeans, including the British, are from overseas. The United States, which pass themselves off as America, is the result of the Europeans, including the British, that came from overseas. They are not copper-colored, not “O” type blood, nor are they from here. British Canada and the United States are foreign de facto European military occupations on AmErica. I hope that helps.

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