What dictionary do you recommend?

I recommend the oldest dictionary that you can find that has brackets in it, but avoid Webster’s unless it is from the 1800’s. If Webster’s is the ONLY dictionary you can find, then it is better than NO dictionary at all, but it would be my last choice. The 1933 Oxford’s Dictionary is excellent, but hard to find at a reasonable price. Oxford is probably the best, but they are expensive and the volume sets, generally, don’t come with brackets the way the 1933 edition does. Brackets are sort of like parentheses, but square. They look like this [ ] and can be found immediately after the word in some dictionaries, or at the very end of all definitions in others. I would avoid any of the newer dictionaries altogether. The Random House College is excellent, easy to find, and affordable. However, make sure the edition is from 1976 through 1983, but DO NOT GET IT if it is Random House WEBSTER’S.

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