Where do “Native Americans” come from? I mean that have what appears to be a spiritual connection to this land. I work with a person of “Native American” blood and we talk about there myths and culture daily. I have a hard time believing they came from Europeans they have strong spirits.

I’m unclear on the phrase “Where do they come from,” because origin stories run deeper than I will try to answer. I’m also unclear what YOU mean by “Native American,” because it is a grammatically loaded term. If you mean the Ancient Ones, or Autochthons of America (erroneously called African Americans), then those are the people that predate everyone else here, but have been supplanted and usurped by pale skinned, foreign invaders. If you mean slaves of America, (“Native” is synonymous with “Nativus” – which means slave/servant) then that would encompass a whole array of folks that include the Autochthonous Americans, the Chinese, some Africans, and many so-called Whites, as well as any combination of mixed breed, cross-bred, half-breed, hybrid, metis, mestizos, and/or Shemnites. If you are referring to those on the Reservations today, then those would be a predominantly Indo-European (which means Indo-Germanic) people intermingled with mixed breed peoples that are part African, part Autochthonous American, part Asian (primarily Chinese), and/or part European (primarily Germanic and Italian). However, the vast majority of people on most reservations today are highly mixed with European, or are plain European. Most of them ran amongst the Autochthons to escape their own oppression, mistreatment, and persecution. Some were agents/infiltrators for the crown heads of Europe and the Church. You may find some rare Autochthons amongst them. Your co-worker may be part Asian, part African, part Autochthonous American (erroneously called African American), and part European. That is what is left on the Vatican Agencies, now called Indian Reservations – mixed breeds and Europeans. When referring to these concentration camps that the Autochtons (no longer there) were forcibly contained on, the term Agency has been replaced by the term Reservation. Any Americans that still live there, probably think they’re African.

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