Jealous and Hostile

         There is a question that I am asked more frequently than I’d expect.  So, I hope I can put it to rest once and for all.  Why do White people hate us so much?  The question is usually followed by something like, “You’d think that since they hate brown skin as much as they do, that they wouldn’t spend so much time on beaches, and in tanning salons, trying to make their skin darker.”

         Voila!  That is the key right there!  The comment that follows the question, answers it too.  They expend all that time and energy trying to become darker, because they subconsciously want to be you.  They do NOT hate you!  They are just MAD as heck that they are NOT you!  The fact is that although light eyed people suffer from color blindness, night blindness, and sensitivity to sunlight, they are NOT TOO BLIND TO SEE the splendor and the power of you!

         They are JEALOUS of your splendor and they FEAR your power.  Their ENVY overwhelms them to the point of reactionary rage.  This rage and reaction is SO hostile, and deadly, that it comes across to People with Melanin as hatred.  What you are really dealing with here is the Green Eyed Monster and the Evil Eye!

       Now what does that really mean?  The Green Eyed Monster is Envy, or jealousy!  Who has these Green eyes?  The other culprit is the Evil Eye.  What is the Evil Eye?  The EVIL EYE is defined as the baleful gift of men who have light blue eyes.  So, what exactly is that supposed to mean?  The “Evil Eye is, known by Arabs as, “ain al-hasad” which means Eye of Envy.

         People carry the “hand of Fatima” to protect themselves from the evil eye, because the evil eye and the green-eyed monster are both alive and well today.  In other words, people with blue eyes and people with green eyes are jealous and envious.  Period!  It is as plain and simple as that.  What we think is a hatred of us, is nothing more than persons being envious, jealous, and in fear of us, because they are NOT like us!   Remember, our people are the COOLEST CATS on Earth!

         Guess what they really meant when they said, and still say, that melanated people need to stay in their place?  They meant, the pale man’s position is so precarious, unstable, and inferior, that you had better NOT remind him of your innate Magi-ificence (magnificence), because if you dare to remind him of your splendor, then he’ll destroy you.

         Our people are repeatedly NOTED for accomplishing SO MUCH with SO LITTLE!  As a result, your glaringly brilliant splendor is SO evident that it brings their insecurity to the surface and ignites their jealous rage.  Once their rage takes over, then eliminating the source of their envy is the only thing that makes them feel better.

    They are NOT ashamed of the horrendous things they have done, and continue to do, to destroy your magnificence!  However, they ARE ashamed of the insignificant, insecure, and inferior way they feel when they compare themselves to you.  They simply CANNOT and WILL NOT let that feeling continue.

         Remember what their Holy Bible says in the book of Exodus.  It says, “God is Jealous!”  God means Goths, which means Teutons, or Germans.  The book of Isaiah also says, “A little child shall lead them.”  They are the newest, youngest, and most jealous, race on Earth.  They are EXACTLY like children in multiple ways.  Just watch children play and interact.  Then you’ll see the pale ones in action.

The following short list of 2 children playing should help you see my point:

1) A child is content with a toy; another child takes it away and begins to play with it.

2) Child with no toy becomes content with a different toy; thief drops stolen toy, takes the new toy too.

3) Child builds a better sand castle than another; other child kicks the better castle and destroys it.

4) A child falls down and gets a hug from teacher; other child fakes falling and wants a hug too.

5) Child attends class in new clothes, new shoes; other child steps on shoes, throws mud on clothes.

6) Child draws picture, teacher likes it; teacher walks away, other child scribbles on it to ruin it.

7) Child joyously playing in a group; other child comes over and picks a fight to end the joy.

8) Child playing hide and seek, hides in closet; other child locks child in closet and no one else looks inside.

9) Child’s mom arrives after school everyday; other child teases child about mom, but his mom’s too busy to ever show up.

         Does that help put them into perspective for you?  Need I say more?  Does this rotten and mean little child hate the other child?  The answer is “No.”  The other child feels like an insignificant outcast, because when he compares himself to the first child, he simply doesn’t measure up; therefore, his jealousy becomes anger which causes him to have tantrums and behave like a bully.  Everything he does is to bring the first child down to the level of inferiority he feels within himself, because misery loves company.

         Unfortunately, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING the first child did to cause this; therefore, he can do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to fix it, because THE PROBLEM BEGINS AND ENDS IN THE MIND OF THE TROUBLED CHILD.

    ATTEMPTING TO BEFRIEND the troubled child is a mistake, because as a friend, the other child becomes like a deadly poisonous pet snake that could be agitated into biting its friend when least expected.

    ATTEMPTING TO BEHAVE LIKE the troubled child to get him to like the first child is also a mistake, because the first child will lose himself in the process and cause all the other children to dislike him too.

    ATTEMPTING TO AVOID the troubled child doesn’t work either, because he will always follow, or find, the first child to see what the first child has that he doesn’t have, so he can take and/or destroy it too.

         This is where my people are at this time.  We keep attempting to mimic, befriend, and/or avoid, this terrified, jealous, and troubled child to no avail!  We’ve lost ourselves in the process.  Currently, we mimic characteristics of the troubled child.

As a result, all the other races view us as the bad guy too, while our new found friend keeps sending us to the hospital, and killing us, by biting us in the proverbial butt with his venom!  As I’ve said before, “Clarity is the key to more appropriately be we!”


Be Level and Calm,

Dr. Yaffa Bey
January 2008