March 1st Webinar Registration

Event is ClosedThe March 1st Webinar, on Spiritual Protection & Power, is over, but it is now available for purchase as an immediate download at the link below.

However, be advised that IT IS ONLY for individuals that are all caught up on THE SPIRITUAL PORTION of my American Empire Restored episodes at the link below.




  1. I’m sorry the event is already closed and hope to attend on March 30th if possible. I recently found “Piercing the Fog” on YouTube and hope to purchase a personal copy to support your efforts. I’ve also listened to Dr. Llaila O. Afrika and Rev. Ray Hagins which seem to be in the same vein and on the same journey. I wish you could all connect and compare study and research notes, because that would be very profitable and fruitful.

    1. Unfortunate that you missed part 1 of the March Webcast Vonetta. No, I do not know Ray, or Llaila, but I have heard of them. You continue on your journey though.

    2. It is unfortunate that you missed the event, but it is marvelous that you found the website and the YouTube upload. I hope that it has aided your clarity journey. Yes, Dr Afrika and Reverend Hagins are making great contributions to the truth seeker community. No, I have never met either one of them.

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