Creative Points of Light

Updated: Wednesday, March 19, 2014, 11:30 a.m. California Pacific Time (PST)

I created this page to list entrepreneurs that have created, or can create, something to brighten your life.  If they didn’t/don’t create, then they have a store, or enterprise that may interest you.  Some of them I know and some of them I do not.  Show your support and enjoy.


1) These are beautiful animations/cartoons for our children that were created by children/YoungStars at EYI Publications.  Keep our youth inspired by supporting the Entrepreneurs of Youth & Integrity.

2) These are magnificent individually handcrafted hats, shoes, boots, clothes, jewelry, etc., by Empress Line Designs.

3) This site has a large selection of ethnic multicultural dolls for those that cannot find the right doll to give as a gift.

4) This exquisite site is for musicians that want “total control” over their revenue by choosing to bypass the “robber baron” middlemen in the industry.  All new, and established, artists should check this out.

5) This designer makes gorgeous individually hand painted leather earrings, and lock cuffs.  She also paints onto t-shirts, leather, or denim coats, and jackets for men, women, and children.  You may even send your own coat, shirt, or jacket in for painting.

6) For an extremely affordable and dynamic website enterprise, that will increase revenue, choose this marketing and finance expert to design your website.

7) FP YouthOutCry Foundation, Inc. is on a mission to improve the lives of Young-Stars and the homeless in Newark New Jersey.  So, show your support and check them out.

8) This artisan creates marvelous, individually hand made, genuine copper jewelry that is geared specifically toward leveling and clearing energy.  All melanin rich people should have something that is genuine copper.  So, you should check her out.

9) For the avid reader seeking truth, Dr. Suzar has a multitude of reading material available for you to peruse through.

10) To acquire your own personal, brand new, copy of the reprinted version on the “American Dictionary of the English Language,” by Noah Webster, 1828 edition, contact this site.

11) Want to grow your own non GMO food, but have no space, or clue what to do?  Check out this easy “Elementary Gardening,” book by Andre Newsome, 2014 edition. Gardening/by Andrew Newsome

12) Black History Month is fine, but REAL AmErican American Mystery is unfolding EVERYDAY!  Check out these 4 informative tracks by Jabok on his YouTube channel, then get you own personal copy of his CD. Los Angeles aka LA History by Jabok People by Jabok Time on Stolen Land by Jabok Invasion by Jabok

13) Want to be age 70 and look, as well as feel, half your age?  Check out Annette Larkins’ secret to anti-aging.  This raw food vegan shares her “Fountain of Youth,” and her strongest immunity procedures.  This is a woman that grows all of her own food, makes her own bread, and sews all of her own clothes.  Although her book is selling for hundreds of dollars on Amazon, you can still get it directly from her for $5.  Check out what she has to say and offer.

14) A splendid alternative for affordable books, movies, and music is Alibris.  Another plus for the site is the fact that, unlike some big sites, they accept PayPal.

15) This Moorish American sister hand crochets a snazzy Noble Drew Ali doll, as well as other culturally attired male and female Doll(s).  Check it out.