My Point of View

Although I am currently on hiatus, I frequently receive contacts requesting my point of view on things.  Questions range from DNA companies, to legal difficulty, to Black Lives Matter disturbances, and many other strange issues.  Many times I have found that many different, and unrelated, inquirers will ask the same questions that others have previously asked.

Several people have attempted to motivate me to come out and share my views with those people that actually want to hear my perspective.  I can only presume that it is the result of the many disconcerting things going on out here these days.  Fortunately, someone finally reached out Friday and convinced me to briefly come out of a year long hiatus.

Although I initially agreed to come out once, or twice, a month, further contemplation has caused me to surmise that this may possibly be my final public appearance for a very long while.  However, who really knows for sure?  The forces of the Ancient Ones may inspire, or compel, me to switch gears and change direction again.

We’ll see how it goes and how I feel in a few days.  I can say that my hands are still extremely full.  Therefore, I find myself overwhelmed to an extent that is a far cry more than I would like to admit.

Despite the fact that I make every effort to not allow the news media to put their burdensome noose around my neck, the issues of the day still manage to creep into my realm.  I hear about the world’s traumas via text and e-mail, because some people genuinely do want my point of view on the issue(s) at hand.  So, click the link below the flyer and I shall give you my perspective – if you genuinely want to hear it.

My Point of View




  1. How do I file for rights of indigenous people?

    1. Good question Se Tepen, but there are so many brethren doing such a multitude of various things that I have no clear cut, easy to write, short answer to give you at this time.

  2. We all love yu Queen sister doctor and miss hearingyou views and points on all this we livei in ,Time is now your side we have bin passioned about you from the first time we heard you

  3. Thank you Sistah! You have been missed!!!

    1. You are very welcome Mimi. I appreciate your gratitude. 🙂

  4. I was on the call briefly last evening, thank you for your candidness. Take great care of yourself, we who are following what you have said are doing the same. The Nagative family supports you!!

    1. Thank you Akua. Although it was only briefly, I am glad to hear that your presence was there, because due to the high volume of callers, many people could not get through to listen live. I appreciate the Nagative Kin and their/your ongoing support. 🙂

  5. Greeting Sista, how can i obtain all of your work and products for sale.

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