Old Time Religion

Old Time Religion is the Supernatural, Supreme Natural, or Prime-Neter-Royal elements within the whole complex of life.  It is animatism which stresses mana, or Supernatural force and power, which is psychic electricity, conceived by Melanesians (Melanin-Asiatics).  It is different from animism, which is belief in soul that animates all things.

According to question # 17 of the 101 Koran Questions for Moorish Americans, our religion is said to be Islamism.  Question # 18 says that it is The Old Time Religion.  We are in the process of returning to what is called “Old Time Religion.”  It was Pope Innocent VIII that launched the Inquisition against “Old Time Religion” in 1492.

Christianity became, and promoted, a fierce hatred against women, and in the Middle Ages, “woman hatred” was its central theme.  Woman, AND her sex drive, was considered evil, because her lust was considered insatiable.  This MUST be made VERY clear, because “The Old Time Religion,” like women, fell into the class of that which is today considered Evil, Magic, Witchcraft, and Voodoo!  The fact is that, in truth, it is Science!

In the late Middle Ages, the word “Witchmeant Woman, especially a Wise Woman.  In 1484, the same Pope Innocent VIII produced a Bull against Witches and declared Witchcraft heresy.  The word “heresy” means choosing to be a free thinker with free will choice.  Witchcraft is an old pre-Christian European religion picked up by Europeans emulating Muurs.

Our People felt that the land called Earth was sacred and belonged to everyone, but no one, because no one could actually own her with all her splendor, magnificence, and abundance.  After all, she was here before you were born and will be here long after you die!  Fighting over who owns her IS akin to 2 fleas fighting over who owns the dog they’re living on – it’s stupid!

Unfortunately, this communalistic lifestyle interfered with the greed, envy, commerce, progress, and private land ownership agenda of Christians, or pale ones.  Therefore, Christian missionaries labeled ALL aboriginal indigenous Autochthonous peoples devil worshippers and as a result, we and our “old time” ways were pushed aside and summarily DESTROYED!

The Roman Catholic Church INVENTED the CRIME for witchcraft!  This had to be done, because once someone was accused and condemned for being a Witch, then the accuser, or anyone else, could use that as justification to CLAIM AND DIVIDE THAT PERSON’S PROPERTY INTO SHARES for distribution, sale, or donation to the Christian Church!

In towns where one, or two Witches were accused as suspects, frequently all the towns inhabitants were killed.  This usually occurred in towns where there was something worth looting and taking. Where the people were so-called poor paupers, there were almost never any accusations, or charges of witchcraft, because they didn’t have anything worth confiscating!

Most Witches were nature (Neter) lovers that would do things like pick aloe plant leaf to heal a scar – for example.  Things like that (especially in lucrative towns filled with melanin rich people) could get one accused of blasphemy, heresy, or witchcraft.

In England and New England, Witches, or Nature lovers, were generally hung, not usually burned. In Scotland and Continental Europe, they were customarily burned.  In America, the Christians ran wild and did some of everything, because the Europeans here were FROM some of EVERYWHERE!  Although the exact # is said to be unknown, approximately 9 million men, women, and CHILDREN of Earth, were hung, burned, or TORTURED until DEAD, during the Inquisition and Witch hunt trials.  This doesn’t even include the modern day Inquisitions that continue to happen to People with melanin – even as I type this Article.

It appears that the last Official executions of witches occurred in the following years:

1) 1610 – Holland
2) 1684 – England (although some sources say 1717)
3) 1692 – America
4) 1727 – Scotland
5) 1745 – France (witch death was outlawed in 1731 and still occurred in 1826 & 1856)
6) 1775 – Germany
7) 1782 – Switzerland
8) 1791 – Italy
9) 1793 – Poland

    Keep in mind that the Ouachita, aka Washitaw, aka Wichita, were also called the Wits – hence Wits hunts!  A “wit” is one that knows, is aware, or possesses cognizance.  One of the most famous property grabbing attempts was the Witch hunts that took place in 1921, in Greenwood, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We know it as the burning down and looting of the entire Black Wall Street community based on bogus charges against 1 person.  It is still going on today.  Look at Iraq!  Burn down a whole country to capture 1 or 2 people based on bogus charges of Terrorism!  It is an Inquisitional Witch hunt at its finest.  Terrorist and Alkaida/Al Qaeda are the new words for Witch and Heretic (heretic means one who exercises “FREE WILL CHOICE“!  Alkaida means village rule.  “Terrorist” is terra + or + ist.  “Terra” means Earth and “or” means “ol” which means “ole” which means Allah!)  Learn the truth and then you can always see the same games happening and recognize them for what they are.



Be Level and Calm,
Dr. Yaffa Bey

Last 2 Paragraphs referencing the Ouachita & Iraq were Added January 2008

NOTE: Salem is a spelling variation of Salaam and Shalom.  Salaam, as in
“wa alaikum Salaam” and Shalom (which is Hebrew for Salaam) and Salem, all
mean PEACE!