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Random House College Dictionary

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**Man – [Saxon man, mann and mon, mankind, man, a woman, a vassal, also one, any one, like the French on; Gothic manna; Sanskrit man; Dutch man, a man, a husband; mensch, a human being, man, woman, person; German id; Danish man, meneske; Swedish man, meniskia; Saxon mennesc, human; Icelandic mann, a man, a husband; Welsh mynw, a person, a body, from mwn, that which rises up or stretches out.  The primary sense is, form, image, whence species, coinciding probably with the French mine, English mien, Armenian man or min, look, aspect, countenance; Chaldean and Hebrew species, kind; image, similitude; progeny.  {I told you they try to confuse you here.  They threw in anything and everything that people had come to use at the time.  Now stand by for the trick, because they are not done yet.  Here is what the dictionary goes on to say.}  “It is remarkable that in the Icelandic, this word, a little varied, is used in Genesis i. 26, 27. “Og Gud sagde, ver vilium gera mannenn epter mind og liking vorre.”  And God said, let us make man after our image and likeness.”  {KNOW THIS for a certainty.  The original text DID NOT say “let us make man ….image and likeness.”  What it ACTUALLY reads is “let us make ADAM ….image and likeness.”  That is Adam doing what he does best.  Distorting the truth, to cause confusion and keep his true identity hidden.  For the purposes of space and time, I’m leaving out additional Icelandic Biblical crap to get to this next key point.}  Man in its radical sense, agrees ALMOST precisely with Adam, in the Shemitic languages.]  Everything inside the previous brackets was inside the dictionary’s brackets, except for my comments in the pointed brackets.  Remember, I left out the foreign language bible quotes.  Heck, I haven’t even gotten to the definitions yet.  They are too long to use them all.  So, I will only use the keys.  Here are the keys that are outside of the brackets. 1. Mankind, the human race; the whole species of human beings; beings distinguished from all other animals by the powers of reason and speech, as well as by their shape and dignified aspect.  4. A servant, or an attendant of the MALE sex.  13. In Feudal Law, a vassal, a liege subject or tenant.  I usually don’t use numbers, or write the extras in a definition, because I like to get to the “meat and potatoes” of a word.  I used these three, because they show key things.  1) The  feudalism of the Robber BARONS.  2) The Greek Way with male servants, and  3) How Adam used a deliberate misquote from the Scriptures to change Adam into man and make man all about mankind.

Master and Servant – such term has been replaced by “employer and employee”. (Black’s Law Dictionary 5th and 6th editions)

Money – does not embrace notes, bonds, evidences of debt, or other personal, or real estate.  (Black’s Law Dictionary 5th edition)  The first thing the book defined was what money is ordinarily accepted to be.  I did NOT include that here, because I jumped straight into what they say money is NOT!   Money does NOT embrace NOTES!   Look at your paper money.  It says  “Federal Reserve NOTE” right across the top; therefore, it is not money!  It is FIAT  money – not real money.  (See Fiat money)

Morocco – This definition is from the 1966 edition of “The Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology“.  I’ve only included what would be in the brackets – if this dictionary had brackets.  It reads exactly as follows: – It. Marocco, corr. to Sp. Marruecos, F. Maroc – Arab. mayrib-al-aqca ‘the extreme west’.  End of quote.  They italicized the words that mean Morocco in other languages.  I didn’t.  So, the word Morocco is from an Arabic word that etymologically means “THE EXTREME WEST!”  Isn’t America claimed to be the extreme West?

Nice – unimportant, trivial, foolish, nescius, ignorant, incapable, not to know.

***Peace – from peoh; Latin pax and paco, to appease, coinciding with the root of pack, and signifying TO PRESS, OR TO STOP.  (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)

**Peter – “The Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance” lists this as Greek word #4074 Petros – a (piece of) rock (larger than 3037); as a name, Petrus, an Apostle; rock.  {It also says compare to 2786.  First, here is Greek word #3037.}  Lithosa stone (literally or figuratively): mill-stone, STUMBLING-STONE.  {Keep in mind that a Peter, or Petros, is larger than a Lithos.  Now, let’s see Greek word #2786.}  Kephas – of Chaldean origin [compare 3710]; the Rock; Cephas (i.e. Kepha), a surname of Peter.  {Next, we must compare it to Hebrew word # 3710.}  Keph from 3721; a hollow rock.  {Well, here it is finally, at Hebrew word #3721.}  Kaphaph – a prim. root; to curve: bow down (self).  {All the italics and parentheses are from Strong’s, not me.  My comments are inside the pointed brackets.  Now, Those boy loving hypocrites that re-wrote the Scriptures, deliberately caused so much confusion that it really doesn’t matter who they are shielding.  Andrew’s brother Simon, the son of Jonas from your Holy Bible, was surnamed Simon Peter, aka Jesus’ first Apostle, now called, St. Peter.  He BETRAYED so-called Jesus right along with Judas Iscariot, by DENYING him.  To comprehend this, one must first know what DENY means; therefore, the reader is cautioned to go to “Real Definitions Page 1” to see “deny“, BEFORE you proceed past this point!  Peter denied him not just once, but 3 times.  They try to confuse people by having two disciples named Simon (the first of whom is called Peter and the second is called Simon the Canaanite aka the Zelotes – know that zelotes means zealous and jealous).  Well, as one who denied “The Word,” (Christ is also called “The Word”) Peter is an opposer and adversary of him/it.  The term “Adversary” means Satan.  Be aware that it is claimed that one of the so-called HOLIEST sites in ALL Christendom is St. Peter’s Basilica, which is inside the Vatican City.  This is quite the Christian honor for a traitor that DENIED Christ.  Remember, the definition of Calif, says that the Pope pretends to bear the same relation to St. Peter that the Calif bears to Mohammed.  So, by claiming to be the successor for Peter, isn’t the Pope claiming to also be one that denies Christ?  In other words, isn’t he claiming to be an Adversary to Christ?  Furthermore, the term “Petermeans rock, hollow rock, and stone.  According to Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition, one of the definitions of stone is atesticle.”  The same dictionary says that “hollowmeans false, deceitful, not sincere, or faithful.  It also states that, in Scripture, “rockfiguratively means of safety, protection, strength, and asylum.  Doesn’t it look like St. Peter’s Rock is false protection?  It is said that St. Peter’s Basilica is built on TOP of the old site of Emperor Constantine’s BasilicaBasil is an Oriental word that means “to strip.”  Yet, in Latin as well as Greek, “Basilicmeans “a king,” but according to Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition, the definition is deeper.  It says quote, “Anciently, a public hall or court of judicature, where princes and magistrates sat to administer justice.  It was a large hall, with aisles, porticoes, tribunes, and tribunals.  The bankers also had a part allotted for their residence.  These edifices, at first, were the palaces of princes, afterwards courts of justice, and finally converted into churches.  Hence basilic now signifies a church, chapel, cathedral or royal palace.”  End quote!  Nothing was added, or removed (except the underline).  Now, I truly wonder what was meant in St. John 21:15-18, when Jesus asked Peter 3 times, “Do you love me?”  Then he said something like, “If you love me, then FEED MY LAMBS/SHEEP!”  In this context, “feedmeans supervise/rule and “sheepmeans MALES!  See Strong’s Concordance Greek words #4165, 704, 730, and 142, in that order.  Do you see the SUPPLANTING?}

**Pharisee – to SEPARATE.  (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  [Here is another definition.]   Pharisee – a sanctimonious, self righteous, or hypocritical person; Aramaic Perishaya, plural of perish (separated).  (Random House College Dictionary, 1976 edition)  This is key, because “to separate” is the same as “to part.”  Wasn’t there a PARTING of the Red Sea?  Have you looked below at the definition of “Soul?”  Well, we are the SOUL aka “Soul Man,” and the soul is the Sea.  Weren’t we also called Red, because of the coppery color of our skin?  Well, it appears to me that these sanctimonious hypocrites had the “Evil Eye” of Envy and were coveting the Pharaoh (which means “Great House” among other things.)”  Was it not said by the Anointed One that, “in my [Father’s] House there are Many Mansions?”  I’m suspecting that the Pharisees usurped the term and position of power from Pharoahs (Great House), but I need to do more research on it.  Remember, it’s all hidden in the fairy tales, allegories, and WORDS!

Pilgrima person who journeys, esp. a long distance to some SACRED place as an act of DEVOTION; one of the Pilgrim Fathers. [pelegrinus, peregrinus, alien]  I advise the website traveler to see DEVOTION, DEVOTE, and SACRED, because the Pilgrim Fathers came all the way to America specifically looking for the brown skinned, Copper-Colored remnant seed of the Heroic race of people that walked the Earth before the pale religions of civilization infected the Earth and her People.

Pope – the bishop of Rome as head of the Roman Catholic Church.  [papa, father]  The website traveler should be aware that the Pope, as bishop of Rome, is the Holy Heavenly Father to whom ALL “Our Father who art in heaven” prayers are sent, because he is the head of all Christians and all Christianity.  (See Roman Catholic Church, Christian, cretin, and church)

*Replace – to put a competent substitute in the place of another displaced or of something lost. (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  According to the Random House College Dictionary, 1976 edition, one of the synonyms for “replace” is SUPPLANT!  That takes us right back to Jacob the zealous/jealous supplanter that took our place.  Disregard the lie that they overthrew their hairy brother “Esau,” because Greek word #2269, of the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, says that Esau means an Edomite.  Hebrew word #123 makes it clear that Edomite means an Adamite by showing it comes from Hebrew words #120 and #119.  One does not SUPPLANT oneself.  (See Adam)

 *Reptile – to creep.  The primary sense is probably to rub or scrape, or TO SEIZE.  Groveling; low; vulgar; as a reptile race or crew. (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  I entered this word here, because one of the primary senses of the word is “TO SEIZE.” [I capitalized the term.  The dictionary did NOT!]  The reason “reptile” is significant is because, there is so much talk about extra-terrestrial reptilians and grays.  If “reptilemeansto seize,” then a reptilian is “one that seizes, or a SEIZER!  Get it?  A Caesar!  In other words, ONE WHO TAKES, steals, and grabs!  Now, I’m not saying that the stories of grays and reptilians are unfounded and not true, because I really don’t know.  What I am saying is, the word definitions probably tell you who they are really talking about.  If you were the folks that these words apply to, then what better way to keep your nemesis (nemesis means one whom you CANNOT best, or conquer) at bay, than to create some hairball story of over-sized, lizard-like, man-eating aliens to scare the hell out of those that may otherwise come after you with guns a-blazing?

Roman Catholic Church – the CHRISTIAN CHURCH of which the pope, or bishop of Rome, is THE SUPREME HEAD!  (see Pope)

 Sacred – DEVOTED, or dedicated to a DEITY, or to some religious purpose; CONSECRATED; regarded with reverence; revered; SECURED AGAINST VIOLATION, INFRINGEMENT, ETC., AS BY REVERENCE OR SENSE OF RIGHT; PROPERLY IMMUNE FROM VIOLENCE, INTERFERENCE, ETC.  I should state here that we WERE IMMUNE from violence, SECURED against violation, and REVERED until we were CHOSEN TO BE DEVOTED by the Pilgrim Fathers!  (See DEVOTED and DEITY!)

*Savage – from the Latin word silva, a wood, or silvicola, an inhabitant of a wood, or silvaticus.  Pertaining to the forest; wild; remote from human residence and improvements; uncultivated as a savage wilderness. [From there, they get into the usual so-called negative definitions of the word.]  Savage is also the Spanish word salvage (to save).  Save means to preserve from injury, destruction, or evil of ANY kind.  [Isn’t that what we did for the Europeans when we found them dying?  What I found truly interesting was the sentence they used in the second entry for “Savage.”  Although the definitions are what we’ve always been led to believe i.e., cruel, barbarous, etc., check this quote out.]  “The savages of America when uncorrupted by the vices of civilized man, are remarkable for their hospitality to strangers, and for their truth, fidelity, and gratitude to their friends, but implacably cruel and revengeful towards their enemies.”  (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  So, the way I see it, this is how they initially perceived the copper-colored races of people they found here in the American heath and sylvans (woods/forests).  Obviously, someone felt immensely jealous of us, based on what we were and what we had, for them to demonize us to the levels we’ve been dragged to.]

 School – anyplace that instructs, or indoctrinatesIndoctrinates means IMBUES.   Imbues means INFECTS, especially with blood, OPINIONS, FEELINGS, etcetera!  By the way, is it just me, or does imbuing and infecting with blood imply that a school is a place that blesses and consecrates our people to keep us deuced and devoted?  (see BLESS, CONSECRATE, DEUCED, DEVOTE, and EDUCATION)

*Seize – The sense is to fall on, to throw one’s self on, which is nearly the primary sense of “set.”  [Is it just me, or were you also told that Set is supposed to be one of Satan’s names?]  It must be noticed that the word in writers on law, is usually written seise.  To fall OR RUSH UPON SUDDENLY and lay hold on.  To INVADE SUDDENLY.  (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  Is this, or is it not what the European invaders did?  Suddenly, we got overrun, bum-rushed, and overwhelmed, by undocumented foreign invaders that stepped off the Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria, and Good Ship Jesus.  [Now, these supplanting seizers have the nerve to demand immigration papers from people that hail from America’s shores and walk across an imaginary border, as opposed to arriving from overseas.]  The seizers came fawning, creeping, and friendly at first, suddenly before we knew it, all out war, force, and blood lust became their norm.  They seized US by the heel (not Esau, unless they mean Isa), AND TRADED PLACES WITH US, to keep us from leaving them behind!  [See Jacob, Hellenize, Iscariot, and especially see the letter “T”.]

**Simon/Simony – There are 3 biblical characters called Simon I’m addressing.  Each was a problem.  One was Simon Peter aka St. Peter (the first Apostle) who is one that denied so-called Jesus.  That makes him a traitor and betrayer just like Judas.  The second is Simon the Canaanite aka Simon the Zelotes (Zelotes means zealous which means jealous) who was also an Apostle.  Finally, there was Simon of Gitta, that made an attempt to purchase the power to confer the Holy Spirit aka Apostolic/Papal power).  All 3 are an issue, but they are irrelevant as individuals, because their name means the same thing regardless.  The name is Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance Greek word #4613 & 4826, as well as Hebrew word #8095 & 8085.  Despite the spelling, Simon, Simeon, Sumeon, Shimeon, Shimon, it all boils down to “hearing and obeying.”  Well, if these dudes “heard and obeyed,” then the question is, who the hell were they listening to?  One is jealous.  One is treacherous enough to betray a friend.  One thinks that power is for sale.  There is a term named after them, because they are all poison and corrupt.  It is called Simony.  Simony is the crime of buying or selling ecclesiastical preferment; or the CORRUPT PRESENTATION OF ANY ONE TO AN ECCLESIASTICAL BENEFICE FOR MONEY OR REWARD.  As far as I can tell, Simony appears to be exactly what is going on – buying and selling power, preference, and positions.

*Soul – of or pertaining to Negroes; characteristic of or associated with Negroes; familiar with or sympathetic to Negroes, their culture, feelings, etc.; related to sea [you should know that sea means “see”; a widely extended, copious, or overwhelming quantity; perplexed, uncertain; marsh; situation; primarily signifies a seat, throne, or mansion.  To place in a post of authority, or a place of distinction.  Apparently, we are the SEA, but the Bishops stole it under SEE.  I added this underlined passage for sea.  It is not under soul.]; fancied habitation of the soul; spirit; heart; essence; core; heart.  [I know that we’ve determined that we are not Negroes, but when this term is used they are generally referring to us.  Therefore, someone is trying to psychopomp us straight into hell (confusion) under the guise of a bishop aka baron aka priest.

Suisse – I have not yet found the true meaning of this word in any dictionary; therefore, I broke it down into it component parts.  The reason this word is significant, is because it really applies to us.  In my observation, it is a two-part word.  It is the word “Sui” and the word “ess(e).”  The word “Suimeans “own, self” or “one’s own.”  [That is why “suicidemeans to kill one’s own self.  It is sui (one’s own self) and cide (to kill).]  The word “ess(e)means “to be,” or “essence.”  In other words, Suisse means to be one’s own, or to be in one’s own essence!  That is what we WERE before we were seized and supplanted by the Judas Jacob/Yaqub (see Jew).  We were in our own way, in our own creed, and in our own jurisdiction (sui juris).  Now we have lost our d*mn minds.  Somehow the term “Suisse” has become the French word for Switzerland.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I find out that Switzerland is really swisher-land, or switcher-land.  Both “swisher” and “switcher” pertain to whipping, beating, and flogging.  This is a favorite past time of the invaders.  They even get off on torturing and whipping their own bodies in self-flagellation.  If they don’t mind beating themselves, then why should they care about beating the hell out of you?  What do you expect from them?  Furthermore, one must remember that the word “switch” also means a turning , shifting, or changing; to turn, shift, or divert; TO EXCHANGE OR REPLACE SOMETHING WITH ANOTHER.  I perceive that the real Suisse have been replaced with the Swish by way of the Switch!

Supervisor – A surveyor, or OVERSEER.  (Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th edition)

*Supplant – To remove or displace by strategem; or TO REMOVE AND TAKE THE PLACE OF; TO OVERTHROW; to undermine.  (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition) [Here is a more complete definition.]  TO TAKE THE PLACE OF (another), as through force, scheming, or the like; to replace (one thing) by something else.  To trip up; OVERTHROW. [After that, the Random House College Dictionary, 1976 edition says, “See replace” ]

*Supplanter – one that supplants.  (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)

*T – As an abbreviation, this letter may stand for such terms as “term,” “territory,” “title,” “table,”  Every person who was convicted of felony, short of murder, and admitted to the benefit of clergy, was at one time marked with this letter upon the brawn of the thumb.  Abolished by 7 & 8 Gen. IV, c. 27  By the law of the Province of Pennsylvania AD 1698, it was provided that a convicted thief should wear a badge on them in the form of the letter “T”. upon his sleeve, which badge should be at least four inches long and of a color different from that of his outer garment. (Oxford’s Universal Dictionary on Historical Principles, 1933 edition Correction wrong dictionary cited.  It is Black’s Law Dictionary 4th and 6th editions)  This is VERY significant, because around 1698, the Province of Pennsylvania was the Capitol of the U.S., not Washington, D.C.  A vast majority of my people are so busy emulating their conqueror, that they proudly wear the “badge of the thief” too.  Look around the necks, and at the tattoos, of the Autochthons you know.  You will find the Scarlet letter badge of the thief, glaring back at you in the form of the Christian Cross!  Furthermore, one must remember that around 1698, the Bishops, Priests, and Nuns, as the Christian Missionaries, along with their zealous military Crusaders, wore that badge more than anyone else!  Boo Yow!  Get that sh*t off of you.  You thought it was fashionable, because you didn’t know the history of the Robber BARONS.  Well, now you know!

***Whore – to hire; that which is fixed or set; WAGES. (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)
***Whoredom – lewdness; practice of UNLAWFUL COMMERCE with the other sex.  It is applied to either sex, and to ANY KIND OF illicit COMMERCE.  (Websters American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)

***Wicked – to decline, to err, to deviate, also to fold; Saxon wican to recede, to slide, to fall away; to vacillate, to stumble.  It SEEMS to be connected in origin to wag, and Saxon wicca, witch.  The primary sense is to wind and turn, or to depart, to fall away. (Websters American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  I only added capitalization.

– In the civil and old English law, an inn allowed by public license, for the entertainment of strangers, and other guests.  Also, a hospital; a place where sick and infirm persons are taken care of.  (Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th edition)  {I’ve never seen this word defined in any other dictionary.  It truly exposes what a hospital is all about.  I added bold and underline to the definition for emphasis.  First, see that one must be ALLOWED by public license to run such an inn.  Second, notice that it is for the ENTERTAINMENT of strangers.}  The Random House College Dictionary, 1976 edition, says that “entertainment” means maintain in SERVICE, or HOLD IN THE MIND!  {The same dictionary says that “hospital” is a hospit and says “see hospice.”  Hospice is hospes, host, hostis, and is the word “host” + potent.”  Host means sacrifice, enemy, victim, stranger, OBTAINING PARASITIC NUTRITION; an army.  The “xeno” in xenodochium, means alien, strange, guest, and the Greek word zenos, or zenon i.e., strange.  If that isn’t bad enough check out the remaining bold words infirm and guestInfirm means to invalidate; feeble, or weak due to age, faltering persons, faltering mind, unsound, or invalid as a PROPERTY TITLE, etc.   Finally, the word guest means inquiline/hostis, which is an animal that LIVES, OR TENANTS IN THE NEST OF ANOTHER.  Well, this takes us right to feudalism, supplanting, and overthrowing.  It seems that hospitals should be avoided whenever possible, because they obviously have something to do with using an enemy army of strangers to hold your mind in order to make your property title invalid and to obtain parasitic nutrition for aliens living in your nest.}


I may need a Real Definitions Page 3 and 4.

Dr. Yaffa Bey

Sunday, April 5, 2009, 10:53 a.m. PST


  1. For man i found Manu in Sanskrit which translates to father of Mankind . And Nu is the consort of Nut The god who sent inundiation to destroy mankind .Manu was a Navigator ,Nu and Ma both mean water thus relating to Moors again..Anyways what i found is Man means father and destroyer of Mankind..I appreciate your work its great stuff Thanks

    1. Interesting. Thank you for sharing Zayid Azad Sher Bey. I know very little about Sanskrit. So, appreciate the input.

    2. You are welcome Zayid. Thank you for sharing your Sanskrit word findings.

  2. Greetings Sister Yaffa,

    I was looking for your explanation on the letters Y & R. I vaguely remember you speaking on this but I cannot recall which show.

    Thank you Sistar <3

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t recall which episode either. It was one of the “American Empire Restored” Shows and on the How to Use the Dictionary YouTube (it was erroneously titled “Piercing the Fog”). For the record, technically speaking, the letters i,y,j, and h are the same. Also, the letters “L” and “R” are technically the same.

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