Rise Up and Evolve

American EyeModified, Wednesday, February 19, 2014, 5:59 p.m. California Pacific Time (PST)

It Is Time To Clear Your Mind


It is time to stop waiting on someone to come and save you.  Since you have the power to save yourself, then who, or what, are you waiting for?  If you are reading this, then that means you are in the process of waking up.  If you are waking up, then you are ready to open your eyes, get the sleep out, and see clearly enough to comprehend this realm.



You must evolve enough to clearly see the following:



  1) If you are not of English descent, then (although you may speak it) English is NOT the first language of your non – English people.


   2) Although most people do it everyday, liberal thinkers do NOT judge individual beings based on skin color.  If one is to use color, then it is more appropriate to base it on the colors of their energy field and brilliance of their energy vortexes aka “chakras.”


   3) The wise are astute enough to know that they DO NOT know everything, and that only an IDIOT professes to know it all.


   4) On occasion, you will encounter angry, rude, ill-tempered, bigoted, people whose issues are based on something that occurred prior to ever crossing your path; therefore, their personal problems should be left where encountered – with them.  In other words, walk away whenever possible.


   5) There are events that can ruin your moment, or even ruin your day, but how you choose to respond to those occurrences could jeopardize, or ruin your entire life (or the life of another/others).  So, think before you act, and then think again.


   6) Despite the fact that you may have been victimized in the past, or in the present, there is no mandate that says you are required to become a perpetrating predator too.  So, choose not to be one.  Restore yourself.

   7) If everyone begins the process of self-restoration, then the whole world will become ameliorated.  So, go find and nurture your wounded, frightened, inner child.


   8) The “Soul Mate” that you seek, for true love’s first kiss, is not out there somewhere.  It is really about raising and activating the highest energy frequencies inside you, yourself.


   9) The only person on this planet that knows every single thing there is to know about you – is yourself.  So, you must be proud of your good.  Forgive yourself for your bad and avoid repeating malicious behavior a second time, because if YOU don’t, then who will?


 10) Despite your appearance on the outside, you must look openly at what is going on inside.  If you are not happy with what you find inside yourself, then clean it up, because that is the beginning of real evolution!


 11) Contrary to popular belief, your very best friend in the world is yourself.  That is the only individual that is with you every single moment of your life from birth to death (unless you’re a connected Siamese twin).   So, learn to love yourself the most.


 12) The world is full of broken people that creep into positions of power to break people that aren’t broken, because it makes them temporarily feel better about themselves.  Enhance your perception enough to see them for what they are – ruined destroyers.


13) If you can come up with the question, then omniscient omnipotence can bring forth the answer.  However, you must realize that the answer may come in unexpected ways and from unimagined sources.



Once you are clear on the aforementioned basics, then the spiraling luminescence within you can be accelerated enough to radiate the light power of your perceptive mind.  Emanating your brilliant spiritual light more rapidly makes you rise and evolve.  Personal power is acquired for the sake of power, security, enhancement, and evolution.  That’s it!


 Anyone who uses it to control, oppress, injure, mistreat, hurt, kill, shame, belittle, and/or bully others, is lost in the dregs of low frequency, and not even remotely one of the “CREW.”  “CREW” is an acronym I came up with which means “Clear, Ready, Exceptionally Worthy.”


 Anyone can be one of the C.R.E.W, but many choose not to evolve.  Despite what people think, anyone that chooses not to be one of the “C.R.E.W,” will NOT rise up and evolve, because “crew” means augmentation, increasing, growing, and crescent.


 “Crescent” means growing increasing, and is an emblem for “I Self Law Adept(ship) Mastery” (I.S.L.A.M. – which has NOTHING whatsoever, to do with ANY religion).  Now, get on with the activities of mastering yourself enough to use the laws of omniscience to evolve into your own genuine personal power.



Yaffa Bey


February 18, 2014




  1. 13 love to you and for all you bring I can always count on you to come with new words to expand my thinking so I send 13 love and 13 wisdom and energy to and yours. 13 13 13

    1. You are welcome Antonio. 13 love, wisdom, and energy to you and yours as well.

  2. Thank you so very much Dr. Yaffa. For you have helped me on my journey of truth and how to tap into my infinite powers. I am forever greatful to have contact with a sister of your wisdom, knowledge, Love, and peace. Thank you so much for everything and remain level and calm.

    1. You are welcome QueenBone. Continue to evolve. Remain level and calm.

  3. Dr Yaffa, I appreciate your knowledge and research that you made available to those that want to learn the truth&grow. I can’t say that I have awaken completely but w/the info I curretly have I am on my way since 2011

    1. Melynda, I can’t say that I have awakened completely either. It is a journey for us all. So, evolve along your course.

  4. Peace and love all of the people must read so there eyes may see the truth think you

  5. Hi Doc

    This is such an awesome article!

    Boundless Gratitude

    Sun of Ra / Al Zulu

  6. How profound is this Yaffa. you posted this article exactly on my solar return day. Big ups to you and everything your trying to do and accomplish. Its kind of odd that i am just now finding out you have sight now but anyways it feels good seeing the C.R.E.W. or super peeps are making moves tho. But yea i just started doing my own little quotes too tho here’s one off the head check me out: people think there intelligent and above other people just cause they can out talk another person or get there point across better then the average person but never realize that is nothing more then cheap monkey tricks. real knowledge comes from everywhere and everything sometimes it doesn’t even have to be literally concrete or even spoken it can be revealed and felt just like our imaginations… 13 love , 13 thank you and 13 Raspect…

    1. Yes, it is refreshing. Although the numbers awakening are fewer than I would like to see, they are far more than I realized.

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