Using My Facebook Page

It recently came to my attention that it is not enough for someone to “Like” my Facebook page, because I’ve heard from too many people that are being left out of the loop. 


So, those who wish to be aware, of what I say, do, and post (whether on Facebook, BlogTalk, or, should also check the “Get Notifications” tab on my “Facebook Page” to receive notice of when I post something new.


To be kept in the loop, please follow the “PURPLE ARROWS” in the sample picture below that highlight the following steps:


1) “Like” the page.

2) Check the “Like” button again when it turns to “Liked.”

3) Check “Get Notifications” from the menu list.


 Facebook Procedures


So, if you would like to remain current, please go back to https://www.Facebook/DrYaffaBey and check the notifications tab.   Then you will be notified when I put something on Facebook, Twitter, or this site.



Thank you all, in advance, for your

“Appreciation and Support.”

Yaffa Bey




  1. Great page thanks for the information

    1. You’re welcome Dionnia. Good to know that you appreciate it.


  3. just wanted to drop a line and say how much I appreciate what you do sis, if nobody else has said it I love and respect you… for what you do. you are an excellent teacher and I have learned a lot from you just wish I had more teachers like you in my years of indoctrination.

    Stay Un-nice….

    1. Hahaha….lol…thank you for the grand comment Kenn. You be Un-nice too.

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