Vote 4 Who for President?

Added September 24, 2008

Absolve me for being remiss and tardy in addressing this issue.  I intended to cover it sooner, but I didn’t get to it in a timely manner.  I was reminded about it today when someone phoned me at almost 6:00 a.m. to advise me that Cynthia McKinney was on Front Page Radio in Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, the show ended at 6:00 a.m.  Ron Paul, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain, and Cynthia McKinney, all ran for President of the United States and for the United States of America.


The issues got lost in race and gender rhetoric.  Personally, I think Ron Paul had the best stance on United States issues, because he wanted to dissolve the IRS and overturn all Presidential Executive Orders dating back to Abraham Lincoln’s first one.  Unfortunately, he was rarely mentioned and is now out of the running.  That was our loss.


Hilary Clinton was a major player, because she was a woman and the wife of a prior president.  I neither dislike, nor like her, but being a woman is not a good reason for someone to be President.  Being so-called Black, or a so-called White man, is not a good enough reason either.  Oh well, she is also out of the running now.


Barack Obama is a major player, because he is a Jew by blood and people perceive him as so-called black – based on his physical appearance.  More than his bloodline and/or genetics, he is a smooth talker that appears to say what so-called “non-white” people want to hear.  His “buzz word” is “CHANGE.”  Unfortunately, he probably doesn’t know that the change being sought in America is one that will impact her biosphere and ethnic dynamic.


The ultimate change being sought here is a final ethnic cleansing to remove the remaining remnant of America’s real Autochthons, and their frequency, so that the environment and climate will become more conducive to the European’s that want this realm.  Which means that Barack could unconsciously, or consciously, wield the final blow of destruction to America’s Autochthonous Indigenous Aboriginal Inhabitants, because he looks like us; therefore, we would blindly trust him.  Don’t be mad at him.  He is probably not aware of the cunning strategy they would utilize to manipulate him into completing their agenda.


John McCain is not worth a mention, because he doesn’t think that we are worth one, but he has a female running mate to absorb Hilary’s so-called feminine voters.


That brings me to Cynthia McKinney, the all-natural sister that wears her hair in cornrows and gives the system hell to pay.  They NEVER mention her, but she IS the “Green Party” candidate that previously held the honor of being a United States Congresswoman for, I think it was, the State of Georgia.  She has the best stance on AmErican issues, but I don’t think she is aware that national differences exist on America.  Now, if you are voting for a woman, then she will work.  If you are voting for a so-called Black candidate, then she still works.  It seems to me that she fits two slots all rolled up into one.  Still, as I said before, race and gender should not be the criteria used to choose a country’s president.


Cynthia is a typical down to Earth REAL sistah (not sister, sistah) that takes no prisoners and no mess.  By that I mean, she does what sisters are prone to do.  She tries to get to the bottom of an issue, by asking too many hard questions that irritate the hell out of so-called White men (or any man for that matter) and causes them to clam up, become defensive, not answer, and/or retaliate by seeking to destroy her (and anyone else that gets in their way).


After 9/11, she was one of the ONLY members of Congress that pursued the question of “inside information,” and “What do you mean, you didn’t know?” to the point that she, and everyone that was on her side, feared for her life.  Hurricane Katrina (and the blowing of the levies) was no different.  She was so determined to get to the bottom of these two suspicious events that Europeans strategically banded together, put a turncoat sister up to running against her, temporarily changed from the Republican to the Democratic Party (by the thousands), and voted her out of Congress.  Personally, I LOVE her.  She is exactly the type of person that Earth and real People need on their side in a major fight for PLANETARY SURVIVAL.


Unfortunately, running for President of the United States is a total waste of Cynthia’s drive, insight, bravado, and brilliance.  She would be more suited to the task of being an American president for AmEricaAmerica, the United States of America, and the United States are 3 totally different entities.  Heck, I would even be willing to see her as the President of the United States of America, but NEVER of the United States.


Either way, I think the whole discussion of the United States presidency is moot, because they will NEVER allow anyone to acquire, or keep, that position unless that person is a puppet for the establishment.  One thing that Cynthia McKinney will NEVER be, is ANYBODY’S PUPPET!  More than that, the current dictator of the United States is not likely to relinquish the reigns of power to a Barack Obama, or anyone else for that matter.  I wouldn’t put it past the “powers that want to be” to create some sort of crisis to allow for the activation of Marshall Law, or some other statute, to suspend the election altogether.


In the end, I don’t think it is going to matter who the People want for president.  George Bush Jr. became the president twice, despite what the majority of the people wanted – and they DIDN’T WANT him!  Even though the manufacturers deny it, I saw the airing (on either WorldLink TV, or Free Speech TV – I can’t recall which) of a controlled test, which proved that the results on electronic voting machines can be manipulated.  Need I say more?


Be Level and Calm,
Dr. Yaffa Bey

September 24, 2008