Washitaw Empress Verdiacee Ascended

Her Majesty, Empress Verdiacee, has ascended and I am speechless, because I feel that I (and many others) have failed our Magnificent Empress of the American Empire most commonly known as “The Washitaw De Dugdahmoundyah.”  The autochthonous, indigenous, remnant seed of people that remain from her vast Melanin Rich Empire are currently classified – erroneously – as Colored, Negro, Black, Black American, Afro American, and even foreign African Americans.


Her/our ancestral lands are ALL of the Americas!  Unfortunately, the EXPRESSLY EXCLUDED Louisiana Territory i.e., Louisiana Purchase [named after Louis “y” Anna – in Spanish this “y” means “and,” but equates to “i” – hence Louis “i”  An(n)a – better known as Prince/King Louis, Dauphin of France, and American Empress Anniamaree] was usurped.  That is why they utilize the term “Parish” in Louisiana, because it means near (not really here – just near).


The Joseph De Maison Rouge Spanish Land Grant,” for the “Neutral Zone, Neutral Strip, Neutral Territory,” was NEVER EVER sold, ceded, gifted, or released to the United States, France, Spain, the Pope of Rome, the Queen of England, or anyone else!  It was a land THEFT via fraud, trickery, and force.  Everyone at the proverbial “top” KNOWS THIS!  Even the UN declared the Washitaw the oldest nation.  “Neutral” means that we were NEVER supposed to be involved in their shenanigans.  They roll up on us now, as then, to repeatedly drag us into their foolishness via guns, white hoods, badges, deception, etc.  They just won’t leave us alone, but I digress.


So, back to the point.  Our Empress is gone and I have failed to clarify everyone’s thinking by waking you all up to the truth about America, the United States, and the enemies to those domiciled here.  I will continue to do my lowly part, but I wish she could have lived to see any of them tell the whole truth about “Who is who” in America.  Her major memorial will be held in June for the Annual June-teenth Festival.  If you can swing it, then send her son and heir, Joe, your support, condolences, and/or donation.  He is in Southern California.  Here is their Official website:


Be Level and Calm

Yaffa Bey

May 11, 2014


  1. 🙁
    I am at a lost for words.

  2. Man, this stirred up that pain again, that I felt the day I got the news. Oh, how I wish I could have sat and talked to her. I will still do my part ’til my casket drops, Ashe.

    1. Absolve me for that. I was attempting to notify those that did not know. I never intended to agitate those that did. Continue to do your part ObaShango-El. I shall continue to do mine – at least for a little while longer.

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