Yaffa Come Back

During the course of my hiatus, I have received multiple requests to do a “Yaffa Come Back” to the public venue and converse with various groups.  I repeatedly decline, because the multitude of baby rapists in the world cause me to refrain from leaving my child with anyone else.  Unfortunately, I cannot determine who to trust, because these predators exist in all genders, ethnic groups, religions, and age brackets.

Even so, I have been told that the current political, as well as racial climate out there has caused many of my listeners to request my feedback and input on the escalating hostilities, because many are curious about how to proceed from here.

I have even been blatantly told (by more than one listener) that my hiatus has been long enough, because people need to hear my perspective and that I should not simply sit back and remain silent at this critical time.

So, as a result, I have determined that I am willing to do a “Yaffa Come Back” return to the public venue on the sole condition that I can bring my child with me WITHOUT imposing on anyone, or leaving her anywhere.  The only way for me to accomplish that is in a small Class C RV motor home that allows me to bring her along with me.

Moreover, it would be economically easier on the groups requesting me if they could avoid paying my way there, my way back, my hotel stay, fuel to pick me up from the airport, fuel to return me to the airport, etc., because my food, lodgings, and transportation would be all inclusive inside the “Class C RV” itself.

Therefore, if my listeners are willing to help me acquire what is required to invest in a small “Class C RV” (through the PayPal Me campaign that just launched), then I will gladly get on the road and bring myself to a neighborhood near you for a “Yaffa Come Back” presentation.

Yes, there are a multitude of problems out there, but there are a multitude of solutions too; therefore, if any of you would like to have “Yaffa Come Back” and speak to you, then contribute what you can (no amount is too small) to the following:


In the alternative, listeners that don’t use plastic credit/debit cards may send it via United States Postal Service mail to the following:

Dr Yaffa SI Bey Trust

111 East Dunlap Avenue, Suite 1-182

Phoenix, Arizona


or Contributors may send something through the Cash App via the following:


or listeners can send a transfer from bank to bank via Zelle to Chase Bank using the following:

E-mail address DrYaffaBey@YaffaBey.com

If we are able to pull this off, then I shall see you all sooner than later.  Thank you all in advance for your past, present, as well as future, support.


Yaffa Bey

Be Level & Calm

October 2017



  1. Alafia Beloved,
    I am grateful to know that you are considering returning to the air waves for our benefit.

    I live full time in a 26ft C Class RV and I love my life @ 65. I will make a donation toward your comeback.
    I don’t have a website currently up, however, you can find me on Linkedin.

  2. I am so fortunate to hear the great news of you coming out of hiatus. And I do agree with what you said about being careful of whom watches your children. I will try to support as best as I can. And would like to know if you would possibly be open to paid skype courses/presentations? For those who aren’t able to travel to see you.

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